Whatsapp web in side panel does not allow downloads

  • when whatsapp is opened in the panel, i am not able to download documents from there while in regular tab it is working normally but in panel's tab it simply shows that "(document name ) downloaded."

  • I can confirm the problem on macOS as well. This problem is not exclusive to Windows.

  • I use side panel for whatsapp. But have not tried downloading anything.
    I guess may be because the side tab is mobile version of the website whereas in the tab it is the desktop version. May be that makes some difference.

    Can you try right click and select "Show Desktop Version" and then try downloading?
    It may work. Not sure though.

  • @hari-cu I have the same issue, and I confirm that using the desktop version does not solve the problem.

    Same thing than @eknzz :

    • There is a little pop-up showing that the document has been downloaded (but a Whatsapp generated pop-up, inisde its web panel, ie not a "Vivaldi" pop-up).
    • ... but the document is nowhere to be found (not in the Vivaldi list of downloaded files, nor in the default download folder).

    I am on Linux x64, so it's confirmed on Windows, MacOS and Linux.

  • As of version 2.8.1664.35 stable in Windows, this issue is still present. However the issue is not with WhatsApp Web. Downloads don't work at all from any Web panel. Is there a hotfix for this issue?

  • The issue is still present in version 2.11.1811.49.

  • Moderator

    Oh yes, fails with downloading f.ex. a image.
    I updated bug VB-63162 "WhatsApp in sidepanel download error" for current 2.11 and 2.12.

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