Youtube layout broken for Vivaldi

  • Youtube was fine for a while then after coming back to my computer after leaving for a few hours - youtube ended up with a completely broken layout. I disabled all my extensions and removed cookies related to , but the page rendered the same.

    Looks like this

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    For me works fine, but the new layout seems to cause sometimes problems with other browsers too. Try to restore the old layout in you user profile.

  • @703m Yeah, I noticed some strange behaviour lately too. Normally restarting Vivaldi fixes it. You should also check your zoom – is it reset or not – all things to consider when looking at a broken layout.

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    I haven't come across this issue, but have you tried the Force Page Reload ([CTRL]+[F5] by default)? I think they've done some changes to the layout because now I keep getting the smaller player every time I open a YouTube video in a private window. Also, Vivaldi keeps crashing on page reload right after opening a YouTube video in private window. 🙄

  • I have experienced problems in the Youtube layout when I am logged in, so it is impossible for someone to reproduce the problem on his computer.

    The problem occurs, perhaps only, when I cover the subjects for which I am enrolled in Youtube.
    The main one is when I change the initial layout, with images of the videos they are showing displayed at the beginning. Just change, when I come back, these images do not load anymore, making it difficult to visualize and route.

    On Edge, this does not happen. Maybe I post some images (Vivaldi x Edge) for better visualization of the obstacle.

    Summing up, at least at this time, I perhaps have to change to Edge for these performances. Hate to have to do it.

  • @quinca71 said in Youtube layout broken for Vivaldi:

    so it is impossible for someone to reproduce the problem on his computer.

    Unless the helper logs youtube in and try to reproduce the problem, with the subjects he himself have subscribed to youtube. "Enrolled" means subjects in videos for which he has made submissions to follow.

  • Contrary to what I assumed, Vivaldi's layout has general issues compared to the Edge layout, whether I'm logged in to YouTube or not. See the two images below. Same page.



  • On Youtube, working with go and return to links, do not use the simple forward / backward (> <) buttons. Use only the fast ones (|****<) ( >****|). Sorry for the examples in the second parenthesis. Casual and precarious solution, obtained by random movements. Depending on more checks.

  • For now, I think the least bad is to go from the initial view to each video through the right click and open in the other tab. To go back: either close the tab or use the fast reverse button. In this way, the initial layout does not break / corrupt.

    To confirm.

  • Not that good. But, keeps my fidelity to Viv, even with more discomfort.

  • And Stable 2 has arrived and the issue is not healed. I doubt there is anyone using Windows 10 - Pro - 64x and Viv stable - 32 who are not facing the problem.

    It all comes down as the following: use a YT video content page, click on any video to watch. It started, did not like, click back with the corresponding button and the page, which before was loaded with images and titles and features of the videos in the list, comes back without any of the images and with a display absolutely uncomfortable.

    As it is in one of the images that I posted above. However, proceeding as above I indicated, this does not happen and, although still uncomfortable, it gives to tolerate.

  • Version 2.1.1337.51 (Stable channel) (32 bits) - It seems fixed.

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    @Quinca71 Then I will tag it as Resolved.


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