Option to Bind Scrollwheel to Other Actions

  • Please let us have an option to bind RMB + wheel up/down to something else.

    I use it for scroll to top/bottom, only FireGestures for FF was able to do that and still keep scroll wheel for Tab Cycling.

    For Vivaldi, it's still fixed to Tab Cycling and no way to rebind it under Mouse Gestures.


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    @svfn I just noticed your post in an unrelated feature request, so moved it to its own topic.

    I just use GestureUp and GestureDown to scroll to top/bottom.

    Someone else wants to use RMB+Scrollwheel for zoom.

    Option for Zooming with RMB + Scrollwheel

    An option to assign it to whatever one wants would be more flexible.

  • Not just the right mouse button, but the keyboard modifier keys as well would be nice.

    Back when I was still using Firefox, I got accustomed to the option buried under about:config that let me set a different scroll distance for the mouse wheel based on which modifier keys I hold down.

    The closest I found in Vivaldi was the "Chrome Wheel" extension, which doesn't work in Vivaldi anymore (though it does in Chromium). That one just gives you a single fixed scroll distance with any modifier key, though, not a configurable amount.

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