Assign Shortcuts to Speed Dials

  • Ability to assign shortcuts to the speed dial items. For me, the best thing of the Speed Dial I used in Firefox is to have the items with a shortcut so I can easily visit each without the need to open a new tab or go to the speed dial tab. That is speed. If I have to open a new tab and then look for the square for it I can as well start typing the address and let the suggestion bring the page I want out of it being used so frequently.

    1. An option so when I open a new tab the focus is in the address bar, so I can type or paste an address right away without having to click on the address bar.
    2. That when I close a window with one tab, undoing it restores the window with the one tab.
    3. That when I maximize and then click again to return to the non-maximized window, it remembers the size it was before maximizing.

  • Please post only one feature request in a thread.

    I changed the thread title to the only one that is valid.

    1. See settings, Tabs, Tab-handling, and disable "Focus page content on new tab"
    2. This is the default behaviour
    3. This is the default behaviour

  • Bumping this thread. This feature would be highly appreciated and would boost browsing speed significantly by further improving the keyboard shortcut system.

    Opera 12 had a feature like this in place, where you could press CTRL+number to get to the corresponding speed dial entry.

    Pressing CTRL+3 for example, either from a new tab/speed dial, or from a random webpage, always would get me to my 3rd speed dial, in this case Ebay UK.

    CTRL is now taken by default in Vivaldi, so we'd have to use another modifier key though.

  • @glenn9k Users could always assign their own preferred shortcuts.

    0_1539083904516_Default Ctrl Number Shortcuts.png

  • @pesala Of course, but the default values should stay as they are now even if/when the new feature is implemented, so people who are currently using the tab switching keys won't be confused.

    A suggestion for the new feature would be to use this default mapping:

    Ctrl+T Alt+T

    The added Alt+T default secondary mapping for "New tab" so that you don't have to lift your "modifier finger" of the first key if opening a new tab and going to one of your speed dials directly with the keyboard.

  • this would be awesome

  • Also requesting this and adding a rather specific, but also easy to do detail:
    Allow use of Ctrl as the modifier (either standard or by making it selectable).

    Reason: As a heavy multitabber I do not care for tab-1-to-9 hotkeys anyway, but have already mapped some numbers for tab cycling to my mouse. And I also got Ctrl for zooming. In Opera 12 the combination of both gives me on mouse shortcuts to my major bookmarks without needing any additional keys and I am really missing this in Vivaldi. 🙂

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