Keyboard Shortcut to Create a New Note

  • For those times that you need to quickly write down something on your mind, a shortcut to open the notes panel and start a new note (created at the bottom of the list) would be very useful.
    Along with the panel toggle shortcut, you could create a new note and resume browsing in a few seconds without having to use the mouse.

  • @strathos If you search Settings for "note" you will see that there are three existing commands, none of which does exactly what you ask.

    • Notes Panel (you can set a shortcut to open the notes panel)
    • Copy Selected Text to a Note (this creates a new note from selected text, with a URL back to the page from where you copied the text. Double-clicking the note will then reopen that page).
    • Paste to New Note (this copies the clipboard contents to a new note).

    If I wanted to do what you request, I would assign a shortcut to the Notes Panel, as I like to keep my notes organised in folders. Creating a new note at the bottom of the list (which happens with Paste to New Note), just results in a mess.

  • @Pesala That'd be a different (and also useful) approach. I think they could both coexist, though.

    A shortcut to create a new note while the notes panel is already active would let you pre-select the destination folder, but it'd also involve more actions in most cases since a random folder could be already selected when you open the panel.

    A shortcut to start a new note regardless of context would be quicker and the note could be dragged into a folder after it's created. Albeit it'd not be as comfortable if the user has a lot of folders and/or notes.


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