Adjust background colour in internal PDF viewer

  • Is there some way to adjust the background (and possibly text) colour of the internal PDF viewer? I find reading with a pure white background to be very tiresome, especially for long reading sessions.

    I am using the Dark Reader browser extension to tackle this issue for web pages, but the PDF viewer is not affected when viewing local files.

    External viewers with the option to do this exist, but I'd rather stay inside the browser if possible.

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    @lhz Not a perfect solution as this will mess with images, but if you press F2 and type "invert", and choose the "Filter Invert" option, that will change all the colours to their opposite. Namely, Black <-> White.

    You can see a list of other filter options by clicking the <> button at the status bar: 0_1525962970674_53845dc4-79fc-47b7-9fcc-59f4d8837172-image.png

  • @lonm White on black is also quite straining, but the Sepia filter works quite well. Thanks for the tip!

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