[Bug] Can't scroll when in full screen and mouse touching the edge of the screen

  • Basically I can't scroll when the mouse is touching the edge of the screen when in fullscreen mode.
    Also I'm using win 8.1 if that helps.

  • @kerma
    I can confirm this issue (scrolling while in fullscreen mode does not work when cursor is at left or right edge of screen) on viv 1.16.1170.3 (32bit) win7 (64bit)
    Please read the site on how to do a bugreport in vivaldi --> https://help.vivaldi.com/article/reporting-a-bug-in-vivaldi/

    And report the bug here --> https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/

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    Can confirm this bug on my 1.16 Snapshot.

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    Bug is VB-39995 "Scroll with mouse wheel fails in fullscreen at edges"

    I investigated that it fails in a small vertical/horizontal stripe on fullscreen, too. Reported additional information to bugtracker.

  • There is a kind of dead area (even for left clicks) when using native window between scrollbar and right window border in all states.

    The cause may be that Chromium-type windows (no native window border), remap a comparably wide area to horizontal window resize.
    For window modes where such an area is not needed (fullscreen, maximized, native) this area remains without function.

    On Linux you can see the scrollbar going in and out of focus on horizontal pass over around 6px before reaching the right window border (indicated by mouse pointer change).

    This behaviour exists since at least Vivaldi 1.14 (stable) on Linux.
    Not tested with pre-V1.16-releases on Windows, but since latest snapshot displays same behaviour I'd assume they are affected as well.

    @gwen-dragon is this behaviour included in this bug, or another related/known issue?
    I refrained from making a bug report since it is very obviously strange behaviour.
    So I assumed it was either intentional or already reported (avoiding duplicates).


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