Quick Commands – A guide to Vivaldi’s universal search

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    A closer look at one of Vivaldi’s flagship features – Quick Commands. Find out more about the ways you can use this powerful universal search in your day-to-day browsing.

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    I wasn't quite sure of how useful QCs would be when I first started using them. But much like mouse gestures, now that I'm used to them, it would be really annoying to have to go without. They're great for productivity as you never need to go through a menu looking for some obscure option, you just type what you want to do.

    I also now look out for QC-like functionality in all my other software, for example VS Code and its "command palette".

  • Quick Commands is an awesome feature. I don't like bookmark bar and I don't use it. In this situation QC speeds up the process of opening a bookmark.

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    One of my favourite features in Vivaldi. One of the ways I use it is to tile views (I select the tabs, open QC up, type 'vertical' and hit enter)

  • "Open on Nickname match", eh? Didn't know that function at all! Will give it a try. It sounds really useful. Thank you for enlightening me! 🙂

  • Vivaldi Team

    @fendar: Yes! Very handy little feature there. I use it constantly to open Vivaldi-related stuff at work.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @masterleo29: That's brilliant. Hadn't used it for that before...but sounds like something I need to add to my repetoire. 👍

  • Vivaldi Team

    @muratservan: Exactly, I've never been a big fan of the traditional bookmark setup, but using QC to access them brought me back on-side.

  • This is the function I like most in Vivaldi, along with stacking tabs, but the quick command is certainly the one I like best, I practically do not open a new tab, I do not use Ctrl + t as I used in other browsers, my bookmarks more importantly I added a nickname, the shortcut I added to trigger the quick command was Ctrl + Q, it triggers the quick command and I type the nickname, everything very practical, the quick command has everything I need most of the time, for example : See how many tabs I have open (I use a lot for this), among other functions, history etc.

    What I like very much too and I use a lot, is to create a folder, in this example, I have a folder with 4 sites about transfers in football, I added a nickname to the folder, Ctrl + Q, I type the nickname of the folder, it opens the favorites that are within the folder, agility better than this does not have.

    I remember that before, I think it was version 1.2 (I'm not sure), but the quick command was not so fast lol, I remember that it took a while to appear at certain times, and also when you typed it was slow to show the 2nd letter, I do not remember fully but it was more or less that, there a version came out, the focus was practically only on improving the quick command, I was very happy, because after this update the quick command was super fast, search etc.
    Today it is difficult to live without this function when opening the browser, altomatically I already go with my fingers in Ctrl + Q. lol

  • Vivaldi Team

    @juniorsilva30: Excellent point re: folders. Adding to the post that the nickname match applies to those as well!

  • Ambassador

    @jonmc Thanks! Anything that boosts the productivity of the Vivaldi Team!

  • I think that QC would be improved again if this integrates some stuff from addressbar in a such way that the addressbar would become useless : I suggest this feature here.

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    1. I often find myself trying to resize or move the Quick Commands dialogue.
    2. With nicknames enabled, I find a conflict between two nicknames — 86 and 86t. One is my local bus route in one direction, while 86t is the route in the other direction. Typing 86 goes straight to the first without a chance to type the t. So, open on nickname match is not that convenient.

  • Quick Commands is one of the most useful aspects of Vivaldi for me, I hope you can progress it even further and integrate it as much as you can with other Vivaldi modules...

  • thank you for this article! now I know that I can do 🙂

  • The only interaction that QC provides for bookmark folders is "Open all bookmarks in folder". I'd love to be able to expand folders (at least up to one level) so I can quickly open bookmarks whose name I don't remember, but I know what folder they are stored in. Any chances to add this feature?

  • History does not always display for me. I assume it should fetch all saved history depending on the keyword typed. Sometimes there's something and sometimes there's none. At times where the history does display, it's only a few entries.
    I submitted a bug report on this a month ago - VB-39065

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    There is no one day when I would not press the F2 key while using Vivaldi. 💪😍 Many thanks for this feature 🙏

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    Could we have several synonyms added to the quick commands, including in other languages ?
    Because, for example, when I want to take a screenshot, I type screenshot, but in french, I have to type "capturer". The same when I want to save a page, I type "sauvegarder" (fr), or "save" (en), when I need to type "enregistrer" (fr). It's not ideal.

  • I really wish Vivaldi could work with double keys. Such as Double-Shift (pressing Shift twice quickly) or Double-Control.
    This is so much more easier to use than F2. Mostly because web apps use F2 for Edit/Rename. So I can't use this feature when in Google Drive or Google Sheets.

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