Merge totally addressfield and quickcommand pop-up/ floating mouse addressfield

  • Hello,

    Continuing my feeling that addressbar is not necessary (the navigation part is quite useless with mouse gestures, the extension part should be part of the vertical bar, both are now just parameters that don't need to use a lot of space of the UI).

    In that way however, the addressfield keep to have some common information even when you often use bookmarks : we find page security info, reader view and small icons, and first of all the url and the way to change it typing a new one.

    The quick command does a lot of the functionnalities of the addressfield except curiously to show the current state of the page, for example, the url, the security info... I think this should be also into the quick command panel.

    The quick command panel can be called with mouse gestures naturally and this solves an old problem with the addressbar, the fact that the address bar is showing the active url page and not this of the tab whose you're hovering, or another ambiguous trouble it is when you use tiling : to who the center top addressbar url is when you have different vertical or even grid tiled pages.

    The quick command panel as floating addressbar can be focused naturally by the mouse call over the good page .


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