How to reduce tab size?

  • Need to know how to reduce the tab at the top of the screen, only shows very large size tabs.

  • Moderator

    Is it just the tabs, or are all your UI elements larger now? Can you post an image?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    you can set size by simple "dragging" the tab bar line. (see my screenshot)


  • We have to remember,it IS a _"tech preview",_so not all functions are available yet.

  • Moderator

    If, as shown by ahoj1234, it's just the tab height, then what he shows is exactly right. You drag them bigger and smaller.

  • Got it, if I double click on the line on top of the address bar, any where along its length it grows or shrinks the tab.

    Now that I am using the tabs (big one took too much space) I really like the way it changes background colors depending on your website….that's what I talkin' about, the stuff that separates this from all the rest!

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