Why is Vivaldi Mail so slow?

  • Out of all the mail services I have used this one is the slowest.

    I tried to send a letter to my other e-mail and it took hours to get there and receiveing mail at Vivaldi mail is just as bad.

    Has this mail service always been this slow?

  • Moderator

    @troypulk I recently performed a test to send mail from my Vivladi.net email to my other account, and vice versa.

    Both emails arrived in about eight minutes. I use Opera 12.18 as my email client.

    Is your other email address Gmail or something else?

  • That's a good question.

    My main e-mail is yahoo so it looks like yahoo is slow because I just sent an e-mail from my other web e-mail and gmail to vivaldi and vice versa and they arrived in seconds.

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    Yahoo has its own bad spam filters and regularly block mails from vivaldi.net.

    As a server admin i know, that some Yahoo mail users report mails from other mail servers as spam and the dumb spam-block service block the complete mail server IP instead of the sending address.
    May be that happens from time to time with vivaldi.net.


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