Super Drag and Drop

  • Highlighting text and be able to drag [or click and hold for links] and drop the text [ or link] within the view port and searches [or opens] in a new (background) tab.

    Like what Maxthon has implemented:


    Please add a feature known as "super drag and drop". It is a killer feature first popularized by Maxthon web browser. It is kind of like a unique gesture-style function that lets you create new tabs from certain content, and it is invoked by simply dragging certain content a few pixels in any direction on screen and then releasing. Here is what it lets you do...

    • Drag a hotlinked text to open the link in a new tab.
    • Drag selected text to paste and go into the address bar in a new tab.
    • Drag a hotlinked image to open the link in a new tab.
    • Drag a non-hotlinked image to open the image in a new tab.

    NOTE: Please also add a toolbar button to let us quickly toggle it on/off and to visually indicate the on/off status of it. Toggling it off is sometimes necessary to prevent it from getting accidently invoked when we try to select text from hotlinked text.

    VIDEO: Here is a brief intro video about it from Maxthon:

    [bug report submitted]


  • I hope Vivaldi can add this powerful feature soon. But for now, can anyone recommend the best extension for this?


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