if I download the video from YouTube Vivaldi rename file to videoplayback

  • if I download the video from YouTube with 3GP 144 or 3GP 240 or MP4 360 - vivaldi rename file to videoplayback.3gpp

    0_1522860534209_90 90.png

    but if I download with MP4 720 HD - file not renamed

    in previous versions Vivaldi there was no such problem - and everything was OK! video with 3GP downloaded without renaming.

    I've try extension on other browsers (chrome/opera) - and everything good! no problem with 3GP 144 or 3GP 240 or MP4 360


    please! help fix this bug!

    the extensions wich I used:

    1. savefromnet
    2. youtube video downloader

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    To download YouTube videos you do not need any extension or application, just substitute youtube in the URL of the video by hooktube and press Enter.
    This takes you to the HookTube page, where you have all the options to download the video

  • Moderator

    You already posted in the Feature Request forum two months ago.

    Do Not Rename Video Downloads

    Feature Requests and bugs will be fixed in due course, when they reach the top of the list. There is no need to post again that such and such a feature was not added yet, or that a bug was not fixed.

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