Option to Block Extension Updates

  • Please, Vivaldi, add a feature so extensions can't be updated automatically.

    This is a disaster (security breach) waiting to happen. Anyone that uses Vivaldi for critical data (or any other browser) usually has to give up extensions for security purposes. But why not let users have a middle ground?

    Let us still have extensions but an option to turn automatic updates off. Not only this will be an excellent feature for metered connections (saving bandwidth), but it will also let power users update extensions manually. I like to do this and read the changelogs before. It is also a security feature because if the developers lost his extension and the attacker sends rogue updates, at least those with manual updates will be safe.

  • @terere

    I want to add here that I just noticed that this is something you can do surprisingly with Microsoft Edge on Windows. If you disable automatic updates from the MS Store, that also applies to Edge extensions.

    This is seriously a cool feature. I would honestly love Vivaldi to have this. I want to update extensions manually. I don't want them upgrading in the background without my consent or knowledge.

    Vivaldi can also then add this as one of their security features when it comes to marketing the browser.

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