Display Actual Bytes Transferred In Progress Bar

  • If I load a JIRA page, the progress bar suggests 20MB was transferred to load the page.
    When I look at the network tab of the debug tools I see that only about 100Kb was transferred and the rest was cached either in memory or from disk.

    Can you make an option to show the data that has been actually transferred in the progress bar that appears when you load the page (overlaid on the address bar).
    i.e. an option to exclude the cached data in the count.

  • i have the same problem with other site.
    please fix it.

  • Yes, please. I also want to see the actually transferred bandwidth from the network, not the cached data in the browser.

    Since we are at this, please add an option so the result stays in the URL bar after the page load is completed. This is really useless to me as some pages load very fast. I would prefer the result to stay on the URL bar. I also preferred how Opera Presto did this with the options to even color the loading bar which Vivaldi has not.

    So my suggestions are:

    1. Option for actual network bytes (not cached)
    2. Let us change a color for the loading bar
    3. Option to keep the results after the load finished.

    Nice extra:
    Also, add the total time it took to load the page


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