Multiple Simultaneous Searches Using Nicknames

  • Hi, imagine pls this:

    I want to buy something e. g. Zotac computer. I have created several searches with nicknames for my favourite stores so now I write "am zotac" [enter] - Amazon with search opens, new tab, "eb zotac" [enter] - ebay with search opens etc.

    Is possible to allow more nicknames to one search (e. g. comma separated) and allow same nickname for more searches to create "search group"? I imagine I will write "shps zotac" and browser will find all searches contain "shps" nickname and will open more tabs with searched keyword (zotac) at once (amazon, ebay...).

    Thanks for good browser

  • This would be useful. I was actually just going to make a feature request for this very thing.

  • @karel-ulman
    It can be useful for download searches, movie searches (imdb, subtitles, reviews) etc.

  • I already felt the need of having something like this some time ago, specially to have more than one available keyword for the same search engine, like the following example:

    • Defining a search engine with ico, icon, vector as its triggering keyword would allow me to search for an icon on FlatIcon either using the prefix ico, icon, or vector. This, in my particular case, results useful when I forget the exact keyword I set for a search engine and I try to use the one I think I'd set if I would set it now or if I'm searching for something while working on different work contexts (example: if I'm looking for a PNG icon to put on a folder on my desktop, I'd use icon, but if I need a vectorial icon for my apps, I search for vector, although I'm using the same site for my purpose). In short, this feature is something like synonym keywords.

  • @aderitobonito
    I think it is more than that. I will try to explain it more detail:

    Search 1:
    nickname: sb, bazary

    Search 2:
    nickname: baz, bazary

    Search 3:
    nickname: au, bazary

    Practice usage:
    Query: au lcd

    Query: sb lcd

    Till now it is normal (more nicknames for one search, but normal - one opened page).

    Query: bazary lcd

    Whole group is available in tabs for easy reading.

    For your picture example you can define more picture servers (, FlatIcon...) and search through all by one (shared) nickname.

    So more nicknames for one search (if you can't remember right nickname) is only sideeffect :).

  • @karel-ulman I think I understand. In short, it would be allowing multiple keywords/nicknames for the same search engine, as well as allowing the same keyword/nickname to be used on multiple search engines, right? With that, we could make a search in various sites at once with just a single query on the search bar, opening those sites in their own tabs, as you said. You explained it very well. πŸ™‚

    I would indeed want to have this on my everyday browser, which is Vivaldi.

  • I made the same request in the 'Feature Requests' thread for Vivaldi v.14.

    Since Vivaldi is aimed at 'power users' this would be a great addition.

    On a daily basis, and often multiple times in the same day, I find myself typing 'sa query...' copying it, hitting enter, then opening a new tab, pasting, changing 'sa' to 'sb', and then hitting enter again. 'sa' and 'sb' being example search engine nicknames. 'sa,sb query...' would significantly improve productivity. Comma separated with no whitespace allowed would make for v. easy parsing at the developers end. Clearly more than 2 search engines nicknames should also be allowed, e.g. 'sa,sb,sc,sd query...'

    Search engine groups would also be great, i.e. the ability to preset multiple search engines to search under a single nickname.

    It would be useful if the search engine nicknames could be used in the search bar as well as in the address bar.

  • So, how to show the results ? With opening new tab for each search engines or with automaticaly a stack ?
    The answer is not obvious and surely this is different for each case, look some possibilities :
    1-new tabs opening for each one
    This let you free for easily manipulate each one independantly, but, this would become annoying if a lot tabs appears among a heavy tab chain.
    2-Using Stack
    This allows to manipulate all searches as only one tab
    3-Using Stack with predefined tiling
    4-Let User's will to activate the stack or not
    according to what he wants to search with the multiple search : this would be some special character added (like a star) to the nicknames to make the two cases.

  • When browsing the web, I try to use multiple search engines for my research.
    Although the shortcut feature by using the letters is good it is also slow. I was wondering if there is an option to use the implanted tiling and use multiple search engines at once.

    So, for example;
    If I type in 'Vivaldi' in the address, it automatically opens a tiled tab (or tiled separated tabs) with 3 commonly used search engines, or whichever the user sets up.
    So, it should look something like this:

    So, to summarize it

    • While searching for something in the address bar, use multiple search engines at once
    • When using this feature, use the tiling function of Vivaldi to present everything in one page (group them as one tab or multiple tabs)
    • Let the user chooses which and how many search engines he wants to use (for example: only google, or Bing and Duckduckgo, or all mentioned)
    • Maybe let the user set it up as a key combination, like Ctrl + Enter (I know it’s used already for .com)

    Thanks for reading and high regards

  • Moderator

    Nearly Identical request merged and moved to Address Bar category, which is where searches are done

    It would be nice to automate the process as suggested, but it's not hard to do manually.

    • Type keyword 1 <search string> , Press Shift Enter
    • Type keyword 2 <search string> , Press Shift Enter
    • Type keyword 3 <search string> , Press Shift Enter

    Then select the tabs and tile them or stack them.

    The idea in the OP to use comma delimiters might work.

    w, g, d Vivaldi would open three tabs with search results from Wikipedia, Google, and DuckDuckGo respectively. If they were tiled automatically that would be useful in most cases. With four or more Tile to Grid should be the default.


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