Multiple Simultaneous Searches Using Nicknames

  • Hi, imagine pls this:

    I want to buy something e. g. Zotac computer. I have created several searches with nicknames for my favourite stores so now I write "am zotac" [enter] - Amazon with search opens, new tab, "eb zotac" [enter] - ebay with search opens etc.

    Is possible to allow more nicknames to one search (e. g. comma separated) and allow same nickname for more searches to create "search group"? I imagine I will write "shps zotac" and browser will find all searches contain "shps" nickname and will open more tabs with searched keyword (zotac) at once (amazon, ebay...).

    Thanks for good browser

  • This would be useful. I was actually just going to make a feature request for this very thing.

  • @karel-ulman
    It can be useful for download searches, movie searches (imdb, subtitles, reviews) etc.

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