Position of Address Bar for Tiled Tabs

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    If tabs are tiled horizontally, move the address bar to the active tile.

    0_1520598108885_Tiled Tabs.png

  • @pesala Does this mean that as a user moves from one tiled tab to the next the address bar would move too?
    I'm sorry but I need more clarification. To be honest I do indeed like this idea. I don't tile tabs very often but this could come in quite handy.

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    @para-noid Indeed. The address bar would move to the active tab. This is only useful if the tabs are tiled horizontally or in a grid. If the tabs are tiled vertically the address bar would use the full screen width as usual.

  • @pesala said in Position of Address Bar for Tiled Tabs:

    @para-noid Indeed. The address bar would move to the active tab.

    Wouldn't that force the content downwards to acommodate for the address bar? So, everytime you click on another tile, that page's content shifts position...
    Not sure many people would like the idea...

    Fixing an address bar at the top of each tile might be a good alternative. However, another issue that arises is, if you have many tiles, that will take a lot of realstate in the browser (taking away from space to display actual content) and also, the smaller width tiles, might have a hard time rendering the interesting parts of the page's address.

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    @pauloaguia I don't think moving page content would be a problem. If the address bar was removed from the top tile and added to the bottom tile, the page content on the bottom tile need not move at all as the separator could move instead to accommodate the address bar.

    Try tiling two tabs, and toggle the Bookmarks Bar and Status Bar with shortcut keys to see if it is really an issue.

    An address bar on every tile is a waste of (usually) precious vertical space even with only two tiles. I have plenty of vertical space (1200x1600) but three tiles is still the maximum I would want to work with.

  • @Pesala Resizable Tab Tiling would make you idea even more doable.


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