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    I've seen requests about a sticky "Tips and Tricks" post. I agree that this can ease finding useful stuff, so feel free to add whatever you deem worth sharing here either by writing it down or linking other posts and comments. 😎

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    I'll start right away: Did you know that some of Chrome's settings dialogs are present and usable in Vivaldi?
    e.g. try

    • vivaldi://chrome/settings/fonts to adjust fonts and font sizes
    • vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords for a separate password manager
    • vivaldi://chrome/settings/cookies for a separate cookie manager
    • vivaldi://chrome/settings/autofill for data to fill web forms automatically
    • vivaldi://chrome/settings/content lets you adjust site-specific settings

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    • To remove the space at the top of tabs: Go to Settings, Tabs, Tab Display, Remove Tab Spacing in Maximized Windows (edited to update for more recent versions)
    • To stack or tile several tabs, Ctrl + Click on each tab, or Ctrl + Shift + Click to select a range of tabs, then right-click Tile Selection Vertically, Horizontally, or to Grid, or create a New Tab Stack with Selection.
    • The Tools, Settings Dialogue can now be resized or maximised.
    • If single-key shortcuts are enabled, you can assign a shortcut such as "b" (case-sensitive) to show/hide the bookmarks bar. Typing b in a text edit field will not trigger this command. Reserve these precious single-key shortcuts for frequently used commands. Several are used for spatial navigation by default (a,w,d,and s). If you seldom use spatial navigation, delete these shortcuts in Settings, Keyboard, Page, to free them for more useful commands. The Shift + Cursor key commands can be used when necessary.

  • I believe that one of the most asked questions is "how to open a link in background?"

    Click with middle button is the answer.

    CTRL+ Left mouse button works too. ,<–-(CMD+LMB on Macs)

    The reply is usually: "but notebooks have just two buttons".

    While not always true, this is a good point.

    Here you can find how enable the three button emulation in Linux

    **Here you can find an utility to do the same thing in Windows

    Is worth to advise that middle buttons works not just on Vivaldi but also on Opera, Opium and most modern browsers, and in most modern tabbed programs like the Notepad++ editor.**

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  • Minor tip … did you know Notes support Markdown? If you are writing a note yourself (as opposed to copying from a page) you can apply highlighting such as underlining, bold or /italics/, include links … haven't tried images and such.

    Amend that, the code for underlining and bold both show as italics while /italics/ is ignored. Hmm …

    Anyway ... guide to Markdown

  • Many users already know about the list of Vivaldi Flags (switches) found at: chrome://flags/
    …and the list of Vivaldi URLs found at: vivaldi://vivaldi-urls
    (Due to an apparent bug, you may have to enter vivaldi://chrome-urls once before vivaldi://vivaldi-urls will work, but vivaldi://chrome-urls forwards to vivaldi://vivaldi-urls)

    But here's a Vivaldi URL not currently included in above Vivaldi URLs list that looks extremely useful !!!!! πŸ™‚


    This provides numerous settings familiar to Olde Opera users, including the ability to manage per site exceptions.

    (Perhaps this is a Chrome settings dialog already familiar to Chrome users, like those mentioned above by Christoph142; but I first learned of it from remidemy here. As far as I can tell, it is only mentioned twice before that in the whole Vivaldi forum: 65 minutes earlier by remidemy in the German forum here, and about 3 weeks ago by jtsn here.)

  • A little tip many of you might already know, might be useful for those who don't know though:
    When you right-click in the address bar, there's no "Paste and go"-feature like in Opera or Chrome.
    However, this works with Ctrl+Shift+V

  • Vivaldi UI customization (and skinning) (Please PM me with any related tips and I'll try to update the following list as time permits.)

    Edit Vivaldi UI font sizes in common.css (by Tiamarth) [modify path appropriate to current installation]

    Create custom.css and modify Vivaldi common.css at each Vivaldi update to import custom.css (by An_dz)

    Remove (or otherwise modify) space above top of tabs (by Pesala earlier in this thread)

    A white skin (active thread started by widget, with growing list of Vivaldi "skin" editing issues, questions, and options)

    Live skin editor for vivaldi (Feb 15, 2015 by widget) <<< [reported April 30, 2015 to not be working with TP3 (not verified)]

    Make empty tab bar space to right of tabs "grabbable" to allow moving window (by An_dz) (added 04/13/2015)

    Vivaldi UI Customisations (active thread started 04:57am UTC April 16, 2015 by An_dz) (added 04/16/2015)

    CSS tweak to improve appearance of truncated tab previews (by An_dz) (added 04/19/2015)

    Menu Modifications for Vivaldi (by davesnothere) (added 05/01/2015)

    (Please PM me with any related tips and I'll try to update the above list as time permits.)

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    I have posted this in another thread but I'll add it here.

    To access all Chromium default settings:

    May not work as intended with languages with non-latin scripts.

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    Backup your bookmarks from:

    \Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Bookmarks

  • How start Vivaldi always on Speed Dial (instead of remember the last opened Tabs)

    My idea:

    The premade script by vinczej


    This tip, while still working, is now outdated

    Since the release of build Vivaldi includes the proper startup options.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Maybe it is not direct related but someone can like it. Here Vivaldi Tips πŸ™‚

  • You can go by link with keyboard only:

    • Hit Ctrl-F and find link text,
    • Hit Esc, link is now selected,
    • Hit Enter.

    P.S. I wish there would be some key-binding like Ctrl-Enter to make last 2 steps into 1.

  • @Suor:

    You can go by link with keyboard only:

    • Hit Ctrl-F and find link text,
    • Hit Esc, link is now selected,
    • Hit Enter.

    P.S. I wish there would be some key-binding like Ctrl-Enter to make last 2 steps into 1.

    One of Vivaldi's title features is spatial navigation. Spatial navigation is a thing that makes it so you can browse the web 100% with your keyboard. Hold shift and press the arrow keys to highlight links. Pressing enter on any of them will load that url.

  • Spatial navigation is too slow for most scenarios. I still wish this search trick would be integrated with it: first search and then navigate.

    P.S. Shift-Up/Down is broken in last snapshot. W/S still work though.

  • Control your tile grid for a group of tabs or tab a stack.

    The tabs in your tile grid are sorted from left to right according to the order in the tab bar.

    The grid shape is balancing the row-column ratio and filled left to right and up to down.

    Means: The first columns of the first row is filled left to right, then the second row is added to the first column, followed by the second column until the last column, then the third row is added to the first column, …

    Adding or removing tabs from the tiles group reorganises the grid shape.

    Changing the order of the tabs in the tab bar, reorders the position of the tabs in the grid.

    Tested on Vivaldi

  • Hey Wupi, you rock, but I think this code would be more effective to the "average" user by leaving out site and allowing google search from the address bar.

    … '+location.hostname+'&search='+location.hostname)

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