Shortcuts for Next / Previous Tab in Stack

  • I would also like to be able to set keyboard shortcuts for switching to the next and the previous tab inside a stack.

  • Moderator

    @zunhs I split your post to a new thread because these commands do not exist yet. The other thread requested shortcuts for existing commands available for tab stacks from the context menu.

    Presumably, the existing shortcuts are not sufficient for you, i.e. you want to cycle through all tabs within a stack, without going to the previous tab after reaching the first tab in a stack?

    0_1520337945895_Previous Next Tab Shortcuts.png

  • @pesala Yes, I would like additional commands if possible. Another possibility is to have an option to make the commands you mention only cycle inside stacks.

    Edit: the core problem is that the commands you suggest are not limited to the stack itself. They cycle through all open tabs, not only inside a stack.

  • Also would be good to have option for scrolling between tabs only inside current stack.


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