Option to Hide Scrollbars like in Presto

  • @burbuja it is alredy possible:
    set chrome://flags/#overlay-scrollbars
    to: enable

  • Moderator

    @burbuja It's not the same as Opera 12.18, which hides the scrollbars permanently.

    I will have to try overlay scrollbars for a while to see if I can get used to it.

    Try it on this page where I have set scrollbars to show on long text frames. The text frame scroll bars to not hide in Opera, but they did in Vivaldi if the overlay setting is enabled.

    I found that the problem of missing horizontal scrollbars can solved by holding Shift while turning the scroll-wheel.

  • @pesala yes, I know, it is not exactly the same, but at least this, for now. :)

  • @pesala If I remember right, it was possible to hide scrollbars in version Opera 3.x, which was the first one I installed :) Trial of 30 days. I started to use Opera with 7.0 8-)

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