How to Disable Speed Dial? (completely)

  • Is there any way to disable this thing completely? There are solutions like setting start and home pages to about:blank, they work for new window and new tabs. But when I start the browser, it still opens Speed Dial, maybe to show who's in charge here, haha. :-)

    Any advice? Thanks!

    EDIT: my bad, SD appears when I create a new window (Cmd+N), not at browser start-up.

  • Set "startup with" to anything but startpage in vivaldi://settings/startup/. If this doesn't work for you, something is wrong with your profile.

  • @luetage there's something wrong with my profile, because blank pages used in settings/startup


    What can be wrong with my profile? I've just installed V, I didn't have time to screw it up (yet). Is there any way to debug it?

  • I think this is a bug, if you type about:blank in address field it show a blank page.
    Iirc there was a feature request about it.

    Cheers, mib

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    @vkvkvk In settings, under Tabs, set New Tab as Blank Page. See if that helps.

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    @vkvkvk And last, but not least, you can open your bookmarks panel, and whatever folder is set to Speed Dial, you can right-click on it and select "Remove from Speed Dial."

    The result appears to be that although your browser opens in "start page," there's nothing there.

  • @ayespy Yeah, I ended up with deleting all items from SD page...

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    @vkvkvk You don't have to do that - you can just remove any folder that is set to "speed dial" from speed dial.

    Now - experimenting further, I found that if all your specific page settings are set the http://about:blank (rather than without the http://). and if you set your new tab (under settings/tabs) to http://about:blank, then when you start the browser, it indeed opens to a blank page, not and empty Speed Dial. Of course that means you have no way to open your Bookmark and History full-page editors, except ctrl+b and ctrl+h.

  • @ayespy History and Bookmarks pages are also available from the menu and from quick commands.

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    @luetage OK, yes. I don't use those, but you're right

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