Multiple Row Tabs

  • Tabs over multiple rows makes sense when using a monitor in vertical configuration, as there is plenty of vertical space, and the window panel can't be used due to lack of horizontal space:


    It would prevent tabs getting too small to read titles, and might require a user-configurable minimum width.

    This would also allow for readable titles without the need for scrolling (as I believe firefox implements it)

  • This has been implemented already in Vivaldi Hooks, which you can access and find more out about here. However, due to the way it works, you'll need to reinstall the hooks every time Vivaldi is updated. It's a small price to pay to have this, and quite a lot of other, new functionality.

  • @luckypotato I remember that, but VivaldiHooks' code hasn't been updated in quite a while, and I fear it would break Vivaldi If I tried to install it now.

  • @lonm As a matter of fact, I tried it on the latest beta and it did break it. I had to reinstall over the top but didn't lose anything, so that definitely looks like it needs more work!

  • I agree that it would be a huge benefit to Vivaldi users, especially those who have switched from Firefox 56 and earlier, to have multirow tabs. Those who routinely keep a lot of tabs open and would appreciate this feature tremendously. Being able to see multiple rows of tabs at once allows users to quickly find what they need among their open tabs.

    Currently, tabs reduce their width to the point where it's hard to find pages you need. Grouping helps, but you still have to remember what's in your group and where it is.

    Requested settings:
    --- Select between Shrinking Tabs (current), Scrolling Tabs, and Multi-row Tabs
    --- Hide the tab bar (Never, Unless hovering, When only one tab is open)
    --- Position (Top/Bottom)
    --- Minimum Tab Width
    --- Max Number of Rows to Display
    --- Allow Pinned Tabs to Scroll (yes/no)
    --- Enable Smooth Scroll (yes/no)

    Something like this would be a start:

    This feature was one part of the very popular TabMixPlus extension which was disabled by Firefox 57+ Quantum when they eliminated XUL functionality.

    An example result would look something like:

    Looking around online, some developers are working on an extension update and posted some temporary solutions here:

  • @joesilva loads and loads of options, I like it

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