- Gmail issues - v1.14.1077.50 on MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3 (17D102)

  • I'm getting erratic behavior in Gmail. When I'm in Gmail and I click on 'compose' I get a popup window to compose a new email however I cannot do anything. Nothing functions. There is a link for 'old compose' and when I click that I can then compose email normally.

    In addition to this when I attempt to reply to an email I am unable to do so. I have the latest LinkedIn Sales Navigator extension enabled. It's a very useful tool and I want to be able to use it. Is this perhaps what's causing the issue?

    I've disabled all extensions and still seeing this behavior. Note I don't have any of these problems in Chrome.


  • Works for me. Might be an issue with High Sierra. But to make sure you gotta reset your profile and test it.

    • Lookup the path to your profile in vivaldi://about/
    • Close Vivaldi
    • Rename the Default folder (e.g. Default2)
    • Open Vivaldi

    and test Gmail. If you still experience the same issues, submit a bugreport.

    To get back to your previous profile close Vivaldi, delete the automatically created Default folder, rename Default2 to Default, open Vivaldi.

  • @luetage Thank you! Followed the steps - everything seems to be working fine now. I just moved forward with the new profile and reimported bookmarks. Really appreciate the help!


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