Clarify the concept of web panels

  • As I see there are a lot of feature requests for implementing the native behavior in web panels,
    for example mouse gestures, find in page, etc. (,

    From the knowledge base:

    Web Panels are customisable tabs [...]

    No, they are not, but they should be. Web panels seems to be native Chrome "instances" in mobile view without the address bar and other bells and whistles: it looks (and mostly behaves) like the Developer Console's responsive viewport.


    I know that it's technically hard to do, but the "ultimate" solution could be to handle web panels as native Vivaldi tabs without address bar and extension icons. From the view of users, web panels are bookmarks and tabs at once whose can be hidden easily so they think about those as "hidden tabs". It would solve the related feature requests + some bugs (download dialog box does not shown in web panels for example).

    It seems that the developers know that more "nativeness" needed by users:

    In addition you can optionally add more controls to your web panels, if you find the home button is not enough. Just right click on the web panel to see the new options.

  • Panels should allow to do everything, I agree.. but not sure having as tabs.
    Lets say I've youtube with 70% zoom on tab (desktop) and own profile with 50% zoom on panel (mobile).
    If they are the same, this can't be done anymore.

  • @hadden89 I'm not sure what do you talking about... (Ctrl+Scroll = Zoom ?) Is it working if you try out in separate Vivaldi windows?

    Maybe webpanels could be handled as a separate window...?


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