Tab Close button position

  • Re: How to move close tab button to the right side of tabs.

    Referring to this 6 month old post: Sorry to revive this. I am in the same boat as @stormcrow509, as I frequently change between browsers on Mac and Windows, and the change of the Close Tab button position throws me regularly.

    It may be convention to have Tab Close on the left in many Mac OS applications, but it appears this 'convention' is ignored by a lot of cross-platform applications. Chrome, Brave, Opera and Firefox have their Tab Close buttons on the right, as do, for example, Visual Studio Code, Postman, IntelliJ IDEA or Atom, to name a few I have on my machine.

    I am fully aware of the custom modification referenced by @xyzzy, but it has a severe drawback on Mac: it needs to be applied every time the browser is updated. I used it for a while, but found it too arduous.

    It would be a nice feature to be able to select the position of the Tab Close button in the settings.

  • The length of the text into the tab bar is quite precious. If we change the place of the cross, one big solution is to make cross over the icon then : the cross appears only on mousehovering. In this way, the group icon and cross should be more interesting in the right (modding example). The domain which is no more so visible since the icon is not the first should be underlined with tab coloring maybe like into this other mod.


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