Customize mouse buttons to activate gestures

  • Moderator

    Some mice do have many buttons. Thus, there should be option to set a custom button to activate mouse gestures instead of RMB.

    Thus we can use context menu on mousedown and have mouse gestures turned on at the same time.

  • Not only would it be helpful for you to be able to re-bind the mouse gestures from RMB to an extra button but currently you can't actually utilize the extra buttons for any hard coded shortcuts either. If I want to map my extra button to the 'back' function for example or to something else - I can't.

    I'm not sure why this is not a more popular request, do people only use 2 button mouses?

  • Some Mac users might still have 1-button mice. And I'm sure you can still buy 2-button PC mice - I have seen them in the store. But my "mouse" (actually a thumb-operated trackball) has 4 buttons and a clickable wheel.

    Mind you, your mouse control panel app can probably remap any of your buttons to various keys or double-click even.

  • This could be a good selling point to attract users who have such mice


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