Allow Extensions to work with Web Panels

  • Currently, Web Panels seem to ignore/be ignored by extensions that would normally interact with website. For instance, uBlock Origin won't block any ad when opening a website in a web panel.

    Thus, it'd be welcomed to allow Extensions to work with Web Panels.

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    Yes, but with an option to turn it off. I currently use it for extension-free browsing.

  • Moderator

    To be more specific, some extensions work in web panels.

  • Tampermonkey doesn't work in web panels either though Violentmonkey does.

  • Some websites I use often but can't stay logged into, would be nice as web panels. Since I can't use LastPass with them, it's easier to just create a new tab and then tile with the other tab I use at the same time.

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    I tried to make myself an extension which would block certain sites from working at certain times of day, to prevent myself becoming distracted.

    It works. But only in tabs. And my main distractions were in panels to begin with. 🙄

    To be more specific about what works and doesnt:

    Attempting to block a chrome webRequest with this filter:

    types: [

    fails in a panel, but succeeds in a tab.

    If that filter isn't in place, background resources won't load in a panel, but any static HTML in a panel will still load. This is a decent enough solution for my needs, but it's not exactly clean.

    My guess is that extensions can't access the main request of a page because the context it is in isn't the context of a tab, but is in the context of another extensions. Specifically, the "vivaldi browser" extension, so unless an extension had a specific permission to access that it would fail. The background resources that I mentioned could be blocked are evidently happening in a tab-like context which allows them to be blocked.

    So it would be nice to see this fixed one day.

  • I like to use web panels for things like messenger, instagram etc. I also like to use KeePass and the extension Kee to remember and automate username and password functionality. I hope this feature gets added soon so I can start using those web panels again without hassle!

    Also, the default password manager doesn't work in web panels so there's no stopgap workaround either.

  • The way this should work, in my opinion, is to have a checkbox in each extension's settings right below "Allow in incognito" for "Allow in webpanel".

    I only really want my password manager to work in my webpanels. I don't need anything else.

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