Tabs Outliner: Extension button stopped working two days ago

  • Sadly I don't remember what version I was on when the extension broke, but I do know my current version: (1.14.1077.50 (Stable channel) (32-bit)).

    My workflow depends for 100% on the usability of the Tabs Outliner extension. I use it to limit the number of loaded tabs in the 100ths of tabs I have open almost all the time. Link to chrome store Since two days the button of the extension can be clicked, but no new window appears, which is what the extension uses to help you. All other extensions I have like tampermonkey, HTTPS everywhere and Privacy badger still have a working click event, and open a small arrow-like white window below the button. image of such a window

    I assume it's a problem with the function that should open a new window, since the other extensions do work, but I'm not sure.

    Thanks, Matjojo

  • @matjojo Can confirm that the window doesn't appear. Vivaldi simply has a completely different user interface than Chrome, and the extension doesn't use a normal callout, but creates an additional window. Something in the extension code has to make it work on Vivaldi, what exactly is anyones guess. You can report this as a bug, but you probably have better chances if you contact the extension developer and ask them kindly to look into it.

  • @matjojo I noticed the same thing, but I just kept clicking and right-clicking the button and pretty soon the windows popped up!

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