Saving Web Pages with Links

  • Using bookmarks and notes are great, BUT when the linked URL page disappears, the bookmark becomes useless. A saved jpg or png image of a web page is useful, but a few things are lost: (1) any links on that page are lost, (2) the original URL is not necessarily easy to get back to, and (3) any text in that page is not accessible directly, only as visual jpg snippet containing that text.

    I believe if these drawbacks were addressed automatically in a clean manner, maybe like the, Scrapbook extension for Firefox

    it would add tremendously to Vivaldi. One drawback of the Firefox extension is that web pages are only saved locally; being able to save them to the cloud's user space would be great.

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    @xcln I edited the title as this seems to be about saving web pages.

    From the File Menu, Save Page As.. you can save a web page as HTML. If you wish you can save it to a DropBox folder.

    0_1518814750668_Save Webpage Complete.png

    Is this what you're looking for?

  • Well ... (1) saving as html saves TWO items, one html file and one folder, and is about 70% successful - in other words trying to open that file with Vivaldi doesn't work all the time, and (2) even if it did work or worked saving as one file like a mht file as with IExplorer and/ or a maff file with Firefox (deprecated), there is still the huge pain in the a.. of having to organize these files, especially finding out the original URL.

    You really have to experience how smoothly and consistently Firefox* and its associated Scrapbook extension (or Scrapbook 😵 link text works: just drag the URL into a folder on the left subwindow (these folders can be renamed /organized). Re-opening the saved page is near instantaneous too (it would be great if these files structures were sync'ed on a Dropbox or some such).

    (*) Only with Firefox ESR link text, ie versions 54 or below; this extension does not work with the newer Firefox Quantum version.

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    @xcln I have a bunch of *.mht files from My Opera. That would work for me. The source URL is pretty obvious in that case. I guess on some pages you might have to view the source code.

  • @pesala - Yes, I agree you can save any number of web pages as .mht files, but the thing is ease of use, and organisation.
    Please do take a look at how Scrapbook organizes archived pages. Achieving the same level of organisation with mht files: how do you look at a bunch (thousands) of mht files, name them and stick them in folders with their original URL's .. .there is a reason Scrapbook has users - they obviously could have done it the tortuous way with mht or maff files.

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    @xcln I don't know what is tortuous about selecting a folder, and perhaps editing a filename before saving an mht file.

    0_1519153737157_Save as mht.png

    Don't get me wrong, this is a worthwhile feature request, but what do you expect the Vivaldi Team to implement here? There are numerous Chrome Extensions for archiving web pages to read later.


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