Larger Maximum Image Size for Capture Page

  • Hello,

    I've noticed that the maximum image height of the Capture Page function in Vivaldi is limited to 30000 pixels (the rest of the page is not captured). I am using the PNG file format and I need to capture some web pages that have a height of more than 30000 pixels (typically around 60000 pixels). From what I could find on the internet the image size limit for the JPG file format is 65535×65535 and even bigger for PNG.

    Until now I've been using Snagit to capture PNGs that are around 60000 pixels in height from Firefox, but the version of Snagit that I have is not compatible with the latest version of Firefox/Chrome. The latest version of Snagit that works with Firefox/Chrome has some sort of bug and parts of the captured image are missing, so I had to install an older version of Firefox that works with my version of Snagit to be able to capture the web pages.

    If I could do the page capture in Vivaldi I could get rid of the cumbersome Snagit & Firefox solution.

    Thank you.

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    @johnny85 The best I can offer you as a work-around for now, is capture the page, capture the areas below the 30,000 pixels, then stitch them as a vertical panorama with IrfanView.

    Messy, but it works a lot better than my FastStone Capture, which is slow on long pages, and repeats any non-scrolling elements.

  • The full page capture always starts from the top of the page even if I scroll down, so I can't capture two separate areas and stitch them. Using the selection capture for the remaining 30000 pixels would be a pain.

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    @johnny85 Yes, if the page is much more than 30,000 pixels you would have to stitch multiple snapshots together.

    @ayespy said in Vivaldi 1.9RC 3 – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1.9.818.40:

    @CptGuapo: It's not impossible. When they first implemented it, it was only 20,000 lines. They've already increased it by 50%. There's going to be some hard limit at some point, but possibly they will allow users to set it within some range.

    I captured a Wikipedia page of 1183 x 30955 Pixels. It is 7.17 Mbytes on disk and 104.86 Mbytes in RAM.

  • I've downloaded Vivaldi's source code and found the root of the problem.

    It's just a variable in extensions\api\thumbnails\ that needs its value changed from 30000 to something like 65000, close to the maximum size permitted by the JPG file format (65535 according to Wikipedia).

    const int kMaximumPageHeight = 30000;
    if (capture_full_page_ == true && height_ == 0) {
        // Some sanity value so we don't capture an endless page.
        height_ = kMaximumPageHeight;

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    @johnny85 said in Larger Maximum Image Size for Capture Page:

    close to the maximum size permitted by the JPG file format

    I wonder if it would be a problem setting it to 120,000 or more? Long pages of text are best captured as PNG.

    If someone tried to capture a page longer than 65,535 as a JPG would it fail, or would it just be cropped?

    I guess the code could always disable the JPG option for very long pages?

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    Just wondering: why not create several, consequential images of one page - each with a reasonable resolution - instead of creating one, huge image, which could be inconvenient to view/read anyway? 🤔


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