Tabs and Bookmark Bar centered

  • I think that the interface should be centered since our look and our attention is focusing commonly to the center of the webpage, more the web pages are designed according to this way now even if they are coded from the topleft border. So far, the user would feel more comfortable. This centering should concern and be a paradigm for all the interface. I've make a style script for the most importants for example, I've centered tabs and bookmark bar. Look :

    (this is a from a suggested feature)

    /*Bookmark centered*/
    .bookmark-bar .observer {
     justify-content: center;
    /*Tab centering*/
    .tab-strip {
     display: flex;
      justify-content: center;
    .tab-position {
      position: relative;
      left: 0 !important;
    #tabs-container .newtab {
        position: relative !important;
        left: auto !important;
        top: auto !important;

  • Excuse me, but where should I put this code exactly? I managed to make my bookmarks centered with a code "------.bookmark-bar .observer { justify-content: center;------" somewhere in the middle of the file and it worked even if I don't completely understand what I'm doing. I'm very superficially familiar with CSS unfortunately.
    So, bookmarks were very easy to center, but with tabs I wasn't so lucky. I tried to put this code in the end of the file and it just made my tabs big (with previews) and nothing else. Really need help with this.

  • @aynekko

    You put the code in a css file that you save in the same folder that browser.html is located

  • @sjudenim I made a custom.css file inside the style folder as it was mentioned there, copy pasted this code above and again it only made my tabs bigger. They are still not centered.
    I kinda found the solution to this, used padding 250px to move all tabs slightly to the right, so they would be closer to the center. Anyway, thank you for the reply.

  • It's not a perfect centering since tabs are centered according to tab container which doesn't spread to the long of the window : the trash area is for instance not considered.

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