Mouse Hover on a Tab Activates it!

  • I would like to activate a tab automatically by hovering on it. This is the most convenient feature. Ever!

    Is it possible to have this function like in Firefox with the addon TabMix? (after Firefox Quantum update, TabMix addon doesn't work). There is no browser with this feature for now!

    So Vivaldi will be the one brouser with this VERY convenient feature.

    Just look this (here I'm just hovering over tabs):

    alt text

    There is possibility to set hover delay. I also like this feature on my Windows tablet with a stylus (Microsoft Surface Tablet or any tablet with a stylus). It is possible to point stilys WITHOUT touching a screen to activate a tab. It is amazing.

    I found some topics of people asking about this feature on Vivaldi forum and It is pity that It was ignored...

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    @maxtao For me, this would be one of the most annoying features ever.

    An Option to Display Tab Temporarily by Hovering its Thumbnail might not be too bad, but changing the active tab by accident would be all too easy with your suggestion.

  • @pesala said in Mouse Hover on a Tab Activates it!:

    but changing the active tab by accident would be all too easy

    You may set hover delay time in milliseconds. But I get used to use it without delay.

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    @maxtao I don't think that would help. If one increases the delay to 500 or 1000 ms to stop the flickering, then one can click faster than waiting for the delay.

    However, the main problem for me would be having the active tab change by accident when going to select the URL or bookmarks.

  • @pesala Did you use this feature? I think no. You may test it.

    1. Install Firefox 56

    2. Install TabMix add-on

    3. Enable mouse hovering activation tab feature in add-on's options.

    I and many users of Firefox with TabMix add-on use this feature for a long time and there is no problem with accident switching. And this people asking about this feature to be implemented (even on this forum there are some topics). I don't update Firefox just not to lose this feature :)

    Also It is more convenient on Windows tablets like Microsoft Surface with stylus.

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    @maxtao Yes, one user requested it for Vivaldi 1.13 some time back.

    You won't convince me as I don't use a touch-pad or tablet. However, it is just my opinion. Any feature request can be made here, and everyone can see if it is popular by the number of votes it receives.

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