Tab Bar Below Address Bar

  • Currently we are able to move the Tabs Bar on the top, right, left and bottom.
    What is missing is to move the Tabs Bar right under the Address Bar.

  • And.. Under bookmark bar too, if it is on 😉

  • 0_1526744893228_ddab42f4-07e4-4d4b-bb88-2398e88e18ed-image.png
    it should look like this if it is not clear

  • Yes, please. I know you can make it work by editing the CSS, but it's hacky and it breaks when Vivaldi upgrades.

    As one of those people who still can't understand the decision to move them away from the page they belong to, it's very important to me to be able to put them back where they ought to be.

  • @sallyk It doesn't break, the whole application is being replaced on update, therefore everything added to the application isn't available anymore, the mod disappears. And I protest the "hacky" remark 😛

  • @luetage 😛

    It's very clever, and I don't mean to sound ungrateful for your work, but having to edit text files to make something work is always going to seem hacky to me.

    As long as there isn't a setting you can set once and then forget, it's going to feel broken when you have to do it again, even if it's just putting back the altered browser.html every time.

  • im grateful that @luetage its always helping and providing the code needed to make this work, but i really think that its not that hard to implement since vivaldi its already making the tab bar available in many locations from top to bottom from right to left. Having an additional option there make it easier for everyone who want this.

  • Yes! Having the tabs below the address bar is how Safari does it. One of the benefits to this design, is that when you are full screen and you move to change tabs with your mouse pointer - you don't accidentally activate (or show) the menu bar. I always have this problem when I am not using Safari!

  • Moderator

    @danmills With Vivaldi, you can already switch tabs in fullscreen without any risk of accidentally showing the menu. Fitts's Law is respected, so you can move your mouse cursor very quickly to the tab bar.

    Assign Shortcuts to show/hide toolbars.

    0_1538656844664_Tabs Address and Menu in Fullscreen.png

  • It's Fitts' not Fitt's.
    Why doesn't anyone do something about this address/tab bar issue?

  • Moderator

    @oilydrinkwater Fixing the apostrophe was easy. I suspect that implementing this feature request might take a lot more effort.

    Please see Implementation of Feature Requests


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