No "skip" button for video ads on YouTube (Solved)

  • I'm not sure what exactly happened "recently" but for a while now I haven't been able to skip any single Youtube video ads, there's just no skip button it works in every other browser, did any of you experience this, is there a fix for this?

    Disabling and re enabling all my extensions fixed the issue.

  • @keiro I think some ads can pay extra to have them be unskippable. Maybe you got unlucky and had a run of those.

  • Yup, some ads are now "unstoppable". Sometimes you can stop ad after a fast survey (android).

  • @lonm Sadly that's not the case, I came across quite a lot of different ads and all of them were missing the skip button in Vivaldi but when I tried it in Firefox and Whale, I had no issue skipping them. (Also I heard a while back that Youtube is getting rid of unskippable ads, didn't that go live already?)

    Edit: Just so you can see and example here's a grammarly 1:29 long, yet unskippable.

  • My skip button is called uBlock Origin. No more ads anywhere including YT ads before the actual videos.

  • Maybe someday we can pay with credit card to skip ads ^^

  • @keiro as I remember the css class for the skip bottom of the same as that for one of the interstitial (or whatever they're called) ads, so if you have a case rule to nix those (or an extension doing so) you'll also block the skip button

  • @lonm Thanks for the tip, interestingly enough I disabled all my add-ons tried it out and I had a Skip button (I don't have an ad blocker add-on installed) so I found this strange but went ahead an re enabled all my add-ons one by one, so I could determine which one causing the issue, and even after I turned back all of them the skip button were still present.

    So disabling all my add-ons (extensions) worked, but re enabling them didn't break it again. Strange.
    (I'm rather curious why would this be the case, if anybody has some ideas I'd be happy to hear them)

    For the conversations sake these are my extension:


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