Extension "Lock-tab" does not work

  • Has anyone tried using the extension "Lock-tab"? It doesn't seem to work in Vivaldi.
    I wish Vivaldi had included this simple fix in 1.14.

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  • If you don't provide a link to the extension, no one can test it. If it tries to automatically pin tabs, it's pretty clear why it must fail -- Vivaldi just has a different implementation for pinning tabs compared to Chrome and this won't change.

  • Sorry https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lock-tab/gnpmpgcbidokemicoijogpnfkkncbkam?utm_source=chrome-app-launcher-info-dialog

    I don't want it to automatically pin a tab. I want it to lock the tab to the base URL of the tab so that I don't lose that page and have to go through several "backs" to get it back. For example, I would like it to be locked to www.facebook.com, be able to wander around facebook (different addresses but same basic URL) but not be able to replace facebook with some other URL. I thought this "Lock-tab" would do it.

  • @michael100 That's incidentally the same extension I based my reply on. In the reviews of the extension I read this:

    Just a comment to clarify what this app does: if you open a URL that matches one you've defined for "locking," the extension automatically pins it. It should probably be called something like "auto-pin-tab" rather than "lock-tab." (It doesn't lock a pinned tab so that it cannot be changed, which is what I wanted).

    Therefore this extension doesn't actually do what you want it to. Look for another one, but not really sure if such an extension exists.

  • @luetage Thanks for that luetage. I did find the description a little confusing. (I seem to find EVERYTHING a little confusing.) I haven't been able to find any other extension that does what I want. I put it in as a feature request for 1.14 but it didn't make the cut.

  • Just make a request thread in feature requests for now. It's funny, I'd be interested in this too. It's completely different to pinning a tab. There doesn't seem to be an extension, I'll try and cook up a userscript for this, if possible.

  • That would be great luetage. If you do make one, I hope you will include instructions on how to use it. Extensions are ok for me but I get a little lost with "userscripts". 😞

  • I'm sorry, seems like disabling url changes to a page isn't possible, that's why there is no extension for this. Also not sure if Vivaldi could implement this. The only thing possible is pinning tabs (preventing tabs from closing) and alerting before an url change. But that's not really what we want.

  • Sorry to hear that luetage. That is one thing that Firefox had over Chrome.


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