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  • As someone who transitioned recently from Maxthon Browser to Vivaldi, the one thing I am missing has got to the Maxthon's resource sniffer. It is a tool that I think could be implemented into the sidebar or under tools.

    I took some screenshots to demonstrate it's utility, as pictures speak louder than words.



    Yes, it is a tool that allows you to in one-click find all the images, videos, javascripts, json scripts, and other embedded resources on any given page. It is the same stuff you could find by digging through a website's script using the developer tools, but in a manner that is quick, user-friendly and easily accessible.

    I hope this feature could be added to Vivaldi one day. (And in the interim, if people know any Chrome extensions that do similar things, please share!)

  • Open developer tools, activate tab "Sources", disable "group by folder"?

  • @morg42 said in Resource Sniffer:

    Open developer tools, activate tab "Sources", disable "group by folder"?

    Yes. One can also just open developer tools and go through the text code and right click to open in new tab.

    The point is to make it more user-friendly, accessible, and streamlined so that one can do it on the go, rather than investing time fiddling through developer tools (something very few layman users even know about).

  • The old Opera 12 had something similar to this with its builtin download manager. I hope someday they add that to Vivaldi.

    As for an extension that does this, try Chrome Download Manager.

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    Is this the same as the Page Information Panel that we have in Opera 12.18 or does it do something else?

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