Infinite RAM usage

  • @gwen-dragon Yes, you say right. I'm already on 1.13.1008.44 version because I usually wait for repo updates notice, but for some reason I got not yet any advice. The repo's signatures seems ok and I don't have any warning or eror message from that. It's working the Vivaldi updates through the Update Manager or shuold I manually go?

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    @marko-indaco said in Infinite RAM usage:


    You should get the newest ones automatically by you Linux daily cron job!
    I do not know why you Linux does not fetch 1.14 Stable.

  • @gwen-dragon thanks for reply. Indeed this is really weird. I mean, all others distro and software unpdates works fine. Only Vivaldi repo's seems don't fetch.
    Well, I'll try to manually update and then let's see what's happens with the next updates...

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    @marko-indaco said in Infinite RAM usage:

    Only Vivaldi repo's seems don't fetch.

    On which distrie?
    Did yo pin a Vivaldi package in package manager config? ā‡ may supress a

  • @gwen-dragon The Vivaldi repo's updates is quite ticked. Anyway, as I'm noob with Linux I post some screenshot below, if you wanna take a look, maybe I miss something.
    Thanks in advance for helping

    0_1518887588992_Vivaldi - Repository address.png

    0_1518887599991_Vivaldi - Repository Settings (Options).png

    0_1518887606707_Vivaldi - Repository Settings (Levels).png

    0_1518887808349_Vivaldi - Repository Settings (Automatic Updates).png

    Linux Mint 18.2 (Cinnamon - 64bit)

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    @marko-indaco Sorry, my dear. I cant read Italian.

    But what happens if you start a shell (=Konsole/Terminal)
    and type

    sudo apt clean
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade

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    @marko-indaco said in Infinite RAM usage:

    I post some screenshot below, if you wanna take a look, maybe I miss something.

    To post screen shots in English, just temporarily change the UI language in Settings, Startup to English, then restart Vivaldi. Repeat to return back to Italian.

  • @gwen-dragon I don't planned to upgrade cause I don't want Sylvia, at least not for the moment. Maybe could be that the reason?
    Later i will try with Synaptic...

    @Pesala I know. My Vivaldi is already in english, but system not, and i don't want to swap cause I'm afraid that can wreck something in Nemo.
    Anyway I would post in my language because with the help of the screenshots i thought @Gwen-Dragon understand my setting (that's my fault, sorry...)

    I take a look right now within Synaptic and I can see the availability of Vivaldi (from the actual 1.13.1008.44-1 to 1.14.1077.50-1) but when I try to update an error occours about broken dependencies. I take a close look and this is how it show in Synaptic broken dependencies section:

    0_1518909153699_Vivaldi Forum - Vivaldi update in Synaptic (broken dependencies).png

    Edit 2:
    I uninstall old version and install 1.14.1077.50 The repo was added as:

    deb stable main

    Let's see with next stable releases if Update Manager notice me.

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  • I swapped to Vivaldi recently and today I started to experience this on fedora 25.

    I have quite a lot of tabs opened, but all hibernated. When I open a new tab it consumes all my remaining ram ~5GB within a minute. If I am not quick enough to kill it it freezes my system and I have to reset.

    CTRL+T and clicking new tab both cause the issue. However, opening a bookmark or link in a new tab does not... There must be something up with the start page?

    I had 6 windows opened (all hibernated tabs). I closed 5 and then opened a new tab without issues. I then opened a few windows with a single tab and experienced the same problem again. Could it be something to do with a high number of tabs + Windows?

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    @ovg Which version of Vivaldi?

  • @ayespy the latest 1.14.1077.50

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    @ovg why not download the snaphsot and see if it's any better in that regard? If it's the same, then just uninstall it. Linux keeps the stable and snapshot streams separate.

  • @ovg said in Infinite RAM usage:

    fedora 25

    I can assure you that neither Snapshot [my default] or Stable does this in Manjaro. I have an old Fedora VM [can't recall off the top of my head if it's 23, 24, 25, 26 or 27]. After lunch i shall fire it up, install or update V [can't even recall now if i previously installed V in it], then do some browsing therein to see if it also misbehaves like for you. Will let you know later...

  • @steffie Pictorial summary of my findings, fyi [Fedora 27; latest updates installed. Kernel = 4.15.3].






  • @steffie cool but it's not exactly my situation, I'm not cycling through all the tabs filling up my ram. Almost all of them are hibernated. I do have a HIGH number of tabs and I can keep opening them buy ctrl clicking links to open in a new tab fine, but for some reason opening a fresh new tab page, with no speed dials, causes 5GB to be used within a minute.

    Also this problem has occurred after about a week of usage so I'm not sure what your experiment is likely to show since it's a fresh install.

    Right now I have a bookmark for Google and I just right click and open in new tab to open new tabs.

    I wonder if I set Google as my start page...

  • Interesting, changing my new tab to Google instead of speed dial fixes the problem...

    @ayespy cool, are snapshots new more frequently released versions?

  • I accidently hit ctrl+b when pasting and realised that it's just a tab beside speed dial. Guess what? It started freezing! There is something seriously wrong with that page...

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    @ovg said in Infinite RAM usage:

    cool, are snapshots new more frequently released versions?

    Weekly test (Beta) versions with new features and early bug fixes. See for more information at

  • The problem is still there. I am running 1.15.1104.3 on Ubuntu 17 and Vivaldi will eventually always consume all of remaining memory. It will takie between 1-4 hours before that happens. There is this process called 'vivaldi-bin --new window' that is definitely causing the trouble.

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