Infinite RAM usage

  • Just for general comparison [seems little different to me to pretty much all my prior V versions] - i make no judgement here of good or bad; it just "is".


    Btw, the highlighted process has no special significance; i merely forgot to move my cursor before the shot.

  • There is a load of bug reports in the bug tracker about exploding RAM and it is not only a Linux problem, other platforms get hit by it too. So far there are no reliable steps how to reproduce it reliably.

    I personally was hit once on two of my computers, both times that hefty that it wan't even possible to get a decent log of any kind out of it. On one of the computers had not even extensions installed, it was basically a fresh profile with a bunch of tabs open when suddenly everything exploded into my face so that I had to kill the browser. Now the sad thing: It never happened to me again, I couldn't repeat it with the same session, settings etc.

    One of the users who got hit more or less regularly managed to get a stack trace, but even that was not helpful so far.
    It is really becoming desperate by now, any hints or exact steps how to reproduce it reliably are highly welcome.

  • @quhno I can reproduce it almost on demand. I only don't know how can I help more.
    It seems the problem occurs after opening a new tab.
    But how can I enter a debug-mode, or so, to give any stack trace?
    What else can I do?

  • I just made another test.
    I installed vivaldi-snapshot, copied ~/.config/vivaldi to ~/.config/vivaldi-snapshot and run the snapshot version. And I couldn't reproduce the bug then.
    I run vivaldi-stable again. Opening a new tab caused the problem again.

  • Now, after few hours, the snapshot version does the same… :(

  • You guys should simply download more RAM.

  • @luetage omg cewl, what if i want 16 more gigz? should I click 16 times? =)

  • @luetage Damn, I wish I knew that earlier!
    But Vivaldi 1.14 consumes infinite amount of RAM. Can I download infinite amount of RAM in a finite time?

  • @ian-coog Just select the 16 GB plan! πŸ˜‰

  • This morning I received a new version (1.14.1077.45) via the updater. Unfortunately it doesn't solve the problem. Vivaldi still eats up all available RAM. At least form time to time.

  • I left my memory monitor on this morning and when Vivaldi started aggressively taking RAM I started the strace program with the ID of the Vivaldi process that was taking the RAM. When I started strace the process was already 6.5 GB and I let it run until it maxed out at about 13.5 GB. With my system running slowly, I exited Vivaldi without killing it using Ctrl+Q, it took a couple of minutes for all the processes to end, but it did exit cleanly (I thought that might help with the strace data).

    strace captures all the system calls and signals of a process into a text file. It was running for about 15 minutes. Compressed the file is only 22 MB but uncompressed a whopping 1.6 GB, obviously there is a huge amount of repeated text in the file.

    I have no idea whether this will be helpful in debugging the memory problem. But if there is another program you wish me to use to monitor the process then let me know. If there was a publicly available bug tracker I could upload the file, place a comment, and know that the right devs would see the data - I don't even know if the devs are monitoring this thread, or even if the bug is being worked on as a matter of priority, I hope so.

    Being a strace newbie I used a basic command (12578 being the Vivaldi process taking the RAM):

    sudo strace -o vivaldi_ram_problem_strace -p 12578

    Here is the link to the data file:

    OS:        GNU/Linux x86_64
    Kernel:    3.13.0-24-generic
    Distro:    Linux Mint 17 Qiana, Cinnamon 64-bit 2.2.16
               [Based On: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS, Trusty Tahr]


    Vivaldi 1.14 consumes infinite amount of RAM. Can I download infinite amount of RAM in a finite time?

    Only if P = NP. Of course if you can prove that you can claim the Millennium Prize of USD $1 million and that'll buy a serious amount of RAM.

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    I heared from a dev, they are working to catch the problem with high RAM consumption on Linux and other OS:

  • @jkierzkowski Hm, opening a new window is known to trigger the bug, especially when done with Ctrl+N (which can be reliably reproduced by now, so fixes are on the way) - but opening a tab? ...

    ... that should have hit me multiple times by now because I am a convicted tab hoarder with varying amounts of tabs open in a daily session.

    Multiple monitors are part of the culprit too, but not necessarily needed, it only makes it appear faster.

  • @quhno

    I still have no reliable way to reproduce the issue.

    It seems to me that opening a tab with the Google Calendar tends to trigger the issue more often than "average". YouTube or Google search on the other hand don't seem to be "higher than average" triggers. Facebook maybe, but it's hard to make good statistics on this.

    Still opening the Google calendar doesn't always trigger the issue and it also happens in circumstances where no Google calendar is open.

    Another "higher than average" trigger is reopening Vivaldi right after having it killed when the bug occurred. So when I have to kill the Vivaldi task because it's memory leaking and restart it soon after the chance is quite high that it will start memory leaking again directly/soon after.

    I really hope that this will get fixed soon since I don't feel like abandoning Vivaldi. After all I am/was a delighted Opera user since about 18 years.

  • @quhno said in Infinite RAM usage:

    Hm, opening a new window is known to trigger the bug, especially when done with Ctrl+N (which can be reliably reproduced by now, so fixes are on the way) - but opening a tab? ...

    Opening a new tab definitely triggers it for me sometimes, but I too have seen little consistency and have no way to reliably reproduce the bug. Restarting Vivaldi soon after shutting it down (and waiting for all its processes to end) sometimes triggers it but more often not.

    I really hope the dev team get this fixed soon and perhaps introduce stricter quality control for new releases. This kind of major flaw should be happening in Beta only IMO.

  • @steffie This time i shall make a comment; today V-SS really does seem to be being a bit RAM-greedy, compared to my previous posted pic above.

    Per my Conky "Top 10":


    Per V's Task Manager [btw, is it possible to run this in a Web Panel?]:


  • @gwen-dragon I aslo experience similar issues in Mint 18.2 (64 bit) but, usually, it seems related to some interactive tabs like WhatsAppWeb, or some heavy webpages like videostreaming as you mentioned.

  • IGNORE THIS POST - I had not realized that Vivaldi snapshots are installed in a different location and need to be started by calling vivaldi-snapshot. So, without realizing it, I was still using vivaldi-stable_1.14.1077.41 and not vivaldi-snapshot_1.15.1099.3.

    Snapshot 1.15.1099.3 which is a "fix for excessive CPU and memory usage after opening additional windows" does not fix my memory problem. I installed it two hours ago and have already had to restart Vivaldi twice after the aggressive RAM grab took its RAM consumption up to 12+ GB. I did not open any new windows, but two windows were automatically opened at startup as per my startup with last session settings.

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    Update to new Stable 1.14.1077.50 and retest.

  • After a day and a half of using 1.14.1077.50, I have had no re-occurrence of the RAM problem. Looks like the devs have fixed the nasty bug. Many thanks to them.

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