Graphic tools in Screenshot feature

  • Ability to annotate screenshots with on-screen pens and highlighters before saving. For example something like paint app. If you select area, than you can make arrows, circles, squares, custom text, bubbles, highlighter, color picker, blurring........etc.

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    @dominicw2 I changed the topic title and added an explanation

  • I think it important mainly to report bug better, with more details

  • Yes, like the ShareX editor! (ShareX is a tool to take screenshots with A LOT of features)

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    Best to use a third-party tool for this task, or rely on extensions.

    • Creeping sophistication adding annotations, then video capture, animated GIF export, etc., only diverts resources from much more important things that need fixing.
    • A third-party tool that runs in the background can capture and annotate screenshots from any browser, or any application, or from the entire desktop. A browser-based feature can only capture from that browser.
    • What it does already, it does very well, capturing an entire page or a selected area and saving it as PNG or JPG. Image apps can then be used to annotate the image, compress it, or save it to other image formats.

  • I wonder if instead it could be set up to save to a temp file, and then open automatically in an editor app like paint or irfanview. That way there's no need to implement the editing function, but it needs less clicks to do it.

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    @lonm Not many clicks to be saved here I feel.

    • Capture Area
    • Select Area
    • Click camera icon to accept
    • Double-click to open in your default image editor to annotate (I used IrfanView with the IrfanPaint plugin to add text, an arrow, and save with transparency.


  • Please don't. Manipulation of graphic files is no browser functionality and would make Vivaldi bloatware.

  • IMO this shouldn't be a browser feature.

    perhaps when we have opera presto-esque configurable buttons, we can make a button which gives the screenshot to a tool like irfanview or similar

  • @pesala There are, on the other hand, some improvements that can/may be implemented on Vivaldi's side only, that may also help when using external tools for further processing:

    • You already suggested Filename change
    • Site-related PNG TextualData
    • Multiple text selections (Strg+Mark) 鈫 implicit highlights on screenshot

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