Themes from Chrome, Firefox, or Other Sources

  • I'd like to see more themes like from the chrome store or like from Firefox or other sources like even an option to choose pictures for backgrounds and to use as the theme or background color of Vivaldi itself.

    So, if we rather not see grey and rather see purple or blue for the program we could, and if on the tab when we open them if we'd rather see a waterfall we could, or if we'd rather just see red we could also do that.

    Or like I said maybe we could find a Harry Potter theme in the chrome store or another source if that's what we wanted.

  • @wantluckman

    There already are some of the features you want.
    For the background image you can just choose a colour or an image:


    For a more custom theme (yes I know it is not completly customisable with fading colours and stuff but it has a lot to offer)
    just select a predefined theme you use as base and change the colours you like better:


    To adjust the contrast/ brightness and fading to your liking you can fiddle with the appearance settings:


  • Moderator

    @wantluckman Themes from other browsers are not compatible with Vivaldi's UI. It's written using completely different technologies.


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