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  • Since I'm transitioning from Opera to Vivaldi both Newsfeed and a VPN would be very helpful to have.

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    @christian said in Include VPN In Browser:

    So let me try to understand. You would like a (free) VPN service built into the browser? If so there's more to it than what goes in the browser. We would have to provide the server side of the VPN equation as well which isn't a trivial undertaking! :) And if you want it to be free it would be even harder. Would you be willing to pay anything at all, or is free a requirement? It would be a very interesting feature/service to be able to offer, but as you probably understand it has to be paid for somehow. I will think about this some more to if there's a way it could be done.

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    Since VPN is unlikely to happen as far as I know, I have removed it from this thread's title. If you want to request it anyway, please post a new feature request thread.

    One request per thread is best so that users can vote for each separately.

  • VPN ???
    Just keep the browser a browser!

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    @matthews2077 Please check out the forum rules

    If someone wants to request something, that's what the feature requests forum is all about. If you don't want it, then don't vote for it.

    I removed the VPN part of the topic because it is unlikely to be done, for the reasons stated, not because nobody wants it. Lots of users do. Please read the previous forum discussions.

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    @pesala To be clear, VPN is not in the near future. That's certain. However, it does not mean it could never happen.

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