Address Bar Search: Remove "Search Google"

  • Please remove the "search Google" from under the address bar and go directly to suggestions when typing into the address bar.

    This text is useless since already typed in the address bar and it systematically adds an additional down keystroke each time you want to get to the search suggestions ...

    Also, often you use the suggestion as an "autocomplete" and continue typing to get to the final search suggestion you want, so again, unnecessary keystrokes.


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    Have you tried using a different default search engine like DuckDuckGo?

  • @pesala I dont think the issue is with using other SEs, ddg works fine with the nick 'd'; the issue is:

    Even I find it very annoying to go down two clicks and I think the first match is unnecessary for most of us; maybe some need it, but for the majority of us who love the search-from-bookmarks-and-history feature this is pointless.

    I doubt very many users use this middle click thingy but they could be given an option for this ?

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    @rojaviv Other search engines do not show the suggestions. Middle-click does nothing.

    0_1520488326521_Search Suggestions.png

  • @phil056 Your title could be misleading to some. This issue affects any SE, not only google.
    So if you default is DDG, it will say 'Search DDG' instead.
    Instead it can be "Search 'Any Search Engine'" to get more attention ?

  • As option could be ok.
    If one has a lot of search engines with similar keywords could be useful to see that "search with".
    Best title would be "option to hide 'search with' in urlbar when suggestions are on" 😛

  • Isn't this quite redundant (and annoying)?

    If I type something and hit "enter" it searches which does the same as "down + enter".

    But unfortunately then you cant search in the addressbar... duh

    Is there any reason for this field at all?

  • I support this feature request. Please make it so that with a single arrow down key press I select the first search suggestion (as it is in any other browser). It's quite annoying to press two times the arrow down key in order to get to the suggestions.

  • Against, generally.

    I think it is quite a nuisance that anything typed in the address bar should be interpreted as anything else than an address or a shortcut. A shortcut might be a bookmark or a search engine shortcut. Anyone with only half a mind about privacy would probably not want the browser to send arbitrary address bar input to whatever search engine is registered as default.

    If searching directly is needed and the one to three letters for the search engine shortcut is too much hassle to type, I'd suggest the (aptly named) search bar, which is quite exactly what I understand phil056 is talking about. Mind you, this is called search bar.

    For those who absolutely cannot afford the additional space to show the search bar (hint: maybe try showing the search bar and hide the address bar?) there might be an option do enable "searching from address bar" in the settings already, which enables searching for whatever is entered into the address bar...

    Anyway, please do not make searching from address bar default (or is it?) - for privacy reasons (only send input to search engine if explicitly instructed by using a shortcut) and for networking reasons - Opera handled local hostnames quite fine...

    (PS: sending typed into to whatever search enging for getting suggestions is quite identical to sending input for a direct search, so my arguments apply just as well. Enter (e.g.) "g blabla" to get Google suggestions...)


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