Shortcut for Closing Currently Open Panel

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    Right now, if I want to use a keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture to close the currently open panel, my only options are:

    • Use the shortcut for that exact panel (and inherent in that, create and maintain shortcuts for each web panel)

    • Hide the panel sidebar completely.

    There is no generic "close the currently open panel" option that does not also hide the panel bar completely.

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    I've found that the easiest way to maintain shortcuts for each web panel is to just assign Ctrl+Alt+1 to the first web panel, Ctrl+Alt+2 to the second, and so on. I only have 3-4 panels so it's easy for me to remember which is which, but I could see this not being tenable with more panels.

    The right long-term answer, of course, is for the developers to change the "Panel" keyboard shortcut to "Show/Hide Full Panel", and to add a new keyboard shortcut to "Show/Hide Current Panel".

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    There's a lot of work to do on web panels. I really want to love them but missing features like this makes me consider not to use it at all.

  • @kallon yup it is frustrating..

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    One can now enable the Floating Panel in Settings, Panel, Auto-close Inactive Panel.

  • Using Search before creating a feature request or posting a question on the forum is magic because you discover that others did the work for you 😉
    +1 👍

  • It would be great to have a toggle button that doesn't close the sidebar completely, but simply hide/show the current panel.

  • F7 comes to my mind.
    Pressing it once opens and focuses the panel now.
    It would be nice if a second press would close the panel again.

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    I came here to make exactly this suggestion. So +1!

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    It is not necessary to remember individual shortcuts. Just press any one of them twice. I have assigned shortcuts to each panel, but I generally hide the Panel Toolbar with F4. If one is using shortcuts, why do you need to show the Toolbar? That is only needed if using the mouse to select panels.

    Panel Shortcuts.png

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    Just press any one of them twice.

    It would be easier if I didn't have to use a shortcut twice.

    If one is using shortcuts, why do you need to show the Toolbar? That is only needed if using the mouse to select panels.

    I show the toolbar because I DO use the mouse. I want to assign a mouse gesture to close it, not a keyboard shortcut, that way I don't have to move my mouse back to the panel, nor move my hand to the keyboard.

  • @Pesala Thanks for mentioning F4! When I looked on Keyboard Shortcuts, "Panel Toggle" appears high up in the "View" section so I thought that was what I was looking for. "Panel" (i.e. show/hide panel) is much further down so I didn't notice it. These two options should be next to each other, and "Panel" should have the label "Show/Hide Panel"!


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