Shortcut for Closing Currently Open Panel

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    Right now, if I want to use a keyboard shortcut or mouse gesture to close the currently open panel, my only options are:

    • Use the shortcut for that exact panel (and inherent in that, create and maintain shortcuts for each web panel)

    • Hide the panel sidebar completely.

    There is no generic "close the currently open panel" option that does not also hide the panel bar completely.

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    I've found that the easiest way to maintain shortcuts for each web panel is to just assign Ctrl+Alt+1 to the first web panel, Ctrl+Alt+2 to the second, and so on. I only have 3-4 panels so it's easy for me to remember which is which, but I could see this not being tenable with more panels.

    The right long-term answer, of course, is for the developers to change the "Panel" keyboard shortcut to "Show/Hide Full Panel", and to add a new keyboard shortcut to "Show/Hide Current Panel".

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    There's a lot of work to do on web panels. I really want to love them but missing features like this makes me consider not to use it at all.

  • @kallon yup it is frustrating..

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    One can now enable the Floating Panel in Settings, Panel, Auto-close Inactive Panel.

  • Using Search before creating a feature request or posting a question on the forum is magic because you discover that others did the work for you 😉
    +1 👍

  • It would be great to have a toggle button that doesn't close the sidebar completely, but simply hide/show the current panel.

  • F7 comes to my mind.
    Pressing it once opens and focuses the panel now.
    It would be nice if a second press would close the panel again.

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