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  • Classic opera offered some time-based automatic reloading, when turned on it could reload the page automatically every X seconds. A lot of websites these days have built-in auto loading of info but there are a few out there (I notice this forums main page detects new posts but still prompts you to reload manually) which still don't so this feature would be welcome.

  • Also block auto reloading. I don't know how often I've been in the middle of reading a page and suddenly had it reload on me and not end up in the same place, especially if it has a 'load more' type option.

  • Good old Opera was really great there, esp. with all those sited with auto-logout after a certain time.
    Just set 'reload every 10 minutes' and pin the tab, and you can come back anytime and instantly get where you want to, without the hassle of having to log in every single time.

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    @LonM @NemoAnonymous Both are great ideas, I haven't thought about a block auto reloading, but yes, in some situations this would be necessary. I used the auto reloading function a lot mainly when I need to buy tickets haha. When I was in Opera Blink and Chrome, I used an extension for this.

  • I can't believe this function is yet not added to Vivaldi. It's dearly missed since the great Opera, and I mainly used it for avoid being logged out from forums and stuff in background tabs.

  • I found a post of a year ago indicating this was planned. :-(
    For me it's THE missing feature; for instance when monitoring a jira ticket an automatic tab refresh every 10m would be great.

  • I use this extension in the meantime

  • blocking auto refresh/reload is indeed a nice feature to have. Currently I have a lot of issues, with news websites where when I read or watch any video the page auto refreshes itself causing me to loose my flow. You cannot imagine how frustrating this is. Moreover, interestingly enough there is not any addon that can help on that. The only one that I was using stopped working some versions ago and since then I have this drama :p... Hopefully, we can see such a feature in vivaldi considering that other browsers, e.g. firefox, opera have it already embedded and the user can enable/disable depending on his preference.

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