Referer Spoofer (Chrome Store)

  • Good afternoon all,
    I am using Referer Spoofer from the Chrome Store ( on both the latest Stable and Snapshot (each on their own machine). The extension works perfectly on Stable; however, it doesn't appear to work at all on Snapshot.

    The extension source is available on Github ( It appears to be a really basic extension. I am assuming if it doesn't work in Snapshot, that it will eventually break in an upcoming Stable.

    Originally I was running the command line switch --no-referrers and that worked just fine. I did find some sites didn't like it, e.g. Amazon, my router, etc. so I went the spoofing route. Other extensions have far too many options than I need, which is why I settled on this one.

    Is there a setting in Vivaldi that I can use to mimic this extension, e.g. set the referrer to the host site ? or even make it appear that my referrer is always a specific site, e.g. or something ?

    Thank you for any help or tips you have.

  • On the extension's webstore page, there is a form for issues accessible from the Support tab. Have you used it? You can also raise the issue on github.

  • @luetage - thank you for your reply. I hadn't gone that route yet. I was thinking this forum would be quicker to check (since it works in Stable but not Snapshot - maybe something changed in V). It is an older extension, but I will reach out on one of their pages (or look at the coding and try a fix myself).

  • What has changed is Vivaldi uses chrome 64 now. This could be the issue, does the extension work on any other chromium browsers which are on 64? We can't be sure it's a Vivaldi issue, although it might as well be.


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