Where To Find The Previously Installed Extensions? Local or Online...

  • I have uninstalled an extension and when I wanted to remember it's name I can't find it anywhere... -obviously 😞
    Can you tell how to find such info? BTW I think I can remember its name somehow through the webpage it uses(zalmos .com) but when I searched the app store I see another extension which is not like what I was using; the way it operates is different and the logo is definitely way too different -my ext. had Vendetta mask logo on my address bar. I installed it anyway but it didn't work at all.

    Is there a way to solve this.. Or else, can anyone remember the small extension I am saying about (not any alternatives please I know there are tons of alternatives. I wanna make the bullseye shot here, hope "advisors" don't misinterpret me

    Edit Dec 16: I’ve found a clue thanks to data Piriform’s (Ccleaner you know) data recovery tool. I believe I found it because I took this action recently after I deleted the extension.
    Thank you for those who reminded me of using this kind of tool.

  • @lvnt I don't think that's possible. There is no list of previously installed extensions, and this would potentially only work if you had installed the extension while being signed in to chrome web store. But doesn't matter.

  • @luetage Thank you for the reply

    Actually, first I tried to look through my local files at first before searching the web (C:>User Data>Vivaldi)
    Do you think I can find it down there somehow?

  • I would expect the extensions' folder to be completely deleted when removing the extension, so... no.

    You might have success with unerase tools, but I wouldn't expect something if you aren't well versed in using those tools. And if you are, you know how slim your chances are anyway...

  • Asking questions shouldn't be the thing. I'm presenting the solution to my own question 🙂

    Quick update for the topic...

    I was unable to find my erased ext back but found 2 alternatives which work flawless. I thought those who followed the topic might use them as well.

    A Search Engine
    searx.me is basically a search engine of no other honestly. It solved my issue with blocked websites problem, such as wikipedia.org

    And iNinja Vivaldi Extension
    Works exactly like the ext I was looking for help
    I installed two small exts and job's done! Now I am again able to reach webpages through an efficient and fast, never slowing down CDN. It doesn't ask membership or anything stupid, and best it's really free. That means I switched to using cdn instead of proxies but it's doesn't hurt thou.
    Both extensions should be installed to have it work. Both from the same developer, so it's ok.


    ps: Those two solutions are separated from each other

    Anyways, thanks to those who wrote replies here and sent private msgs.

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