Chrome 'youtube downloader' Extension problem

  • I followed the instructions for making a Chrome Store Extension install, but when I go to YOUTUBE, open a video file, I see NO little red button [or whatever] TO do the download of a MP4 I want.

    Did I miss something ?

  • If you need help with an extension, it's always a good idea to post the chrome store extensions link. There are like, idk, maybe a hundred download extensions.

    Anyway, Vivaldi can't guarantee that any given chrome store extension works like expected. Generally you either have to fix the extension yourself manually, contact the developer and ask for their help, or find another one that does what you want -- but works.

  • @luetage OK.... Thanks. I noticed there were only a couple named 'YouTube Downloader'. I don't download a LOT of MP4 from YouTube anymore, but would like the option. Have to snoop further. Thanks for the reply...

  • I tried a few Chrome YouTube Downloader extensions. I know they 'installed' but I either can't figure out how they work...or they DON't work. I'm thinking I am going to have to go back to OPERA for that one purpose. [I even tried running Chrome for the purpose...nope] I collect music mp4 files as a part of my computering hobby.

    Last shot: Does anybody have one that works for them, and can tell me the details ?

  • I use YouTube Center (developer version) for YT personalizations and also provides download button with selected format for video and audio. It doesn't support 60fps videos tho.
    For resolving every download problems, get jdownloader. It can do almost everything from every known site.

  • Thanks. Your YouTube Center looks a tad to much for my meager knowledge, BUT...the 'jdownloader' seems within my technical reach. 'Appreciate your pointing the direction...


  • Sorry, Ian...I just don't have what it takes to make those work. Looks like Vivaldi for 'business' and general Web stuff, and Opera for my hobby. I can live with that....

    Merry Christmas

  • For anybody's interest....I looked for YouTube Downloading programs, and came across "Free YouTube Downloader". I have it set to 'start with Windows', and running in my Sandboxie, and it "appears" to be AN answer to a Vivaldi user who wishes to collect MP4 files from YouTube. At least my Big Band Era test ones did just fine..............

  • @mister-bill If you want to share something, start using actual links. Free youtube downloader gives no conclusive results on the chrome webstore. And I have to add: Any extension developer feeling the need to add the word "free" to their software, seems suspicious to me. You sure it isn't stealing all your data and selling it to advertisers? 😛

  • Gotcha on 'actual links'...[inexperience]. FYD is an installed program, not an extension. The 'free' part limits preference choices...[they had what I needed]. I'm always suspicious of ANY new install, 'Vivaldi', for a matter of fact, but neither Vivaldi nor FYD brought along any far as a Defender Scan and a peek at 'Programs' shows. Running in the Sandbox requires anything running in the box to have permission to operate in the main [C:] part of the computer, so I'm confident there. [Been running S-B for a long time and not ONCE has anything gotten out of it that wasn't 'invited'] When I download a MP4 from YouTube, via FYD, I am actually extracting it from the Sandbox. Then I manually run the file sandboxed; if nothing wants permission, I declare the file clean. I did take FYD off 'start with Windows' since I will only use it when I am adding to my collection. Frankly, it seems fine for this aspect of the hobby....

  • For "Forum Information", and my 'link' practice....

  • For me the best download manager is Ant Download Manger. Integrating the Extension automatically.

  • I know there is a useful Chrome Extention to download YouTube Video.
    First, you go to add Google Chrome Tampermonkey Extension.

    Then go to install [VidPaw Extension].(

    If you successfully install, go back to refresh the YouTube video page, and you will see the VidPaw icon below the video.
    like this:

  • grab video downloadlelper and it's deesktop companion program. googoo decided it wan't to disable the ability to download any video. looks like they lost that fight cause video downloaders are back in the chrome store. that said i found that a fair bit of the time when you go to download a video no matter wher it is from it either won't download or you will only get part of it regardless if you're using a extension or desktop app. the best solution i have found is the above mentioned video downloader. i have never had a problem with it downloading any video. i recommend that when you dl use the companion app when asked.

  • In this case, i suggest using IMD downloader. it's the best of its kind and a stunning speed, also if you dont want to lose money for the key(IMD is a paid service), you can use coc coc, it's a browser and youtubedownloader is built in it. also you recommend you to install apk downloader as well if you need somethings for your android devices


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