Vivaldi and Sandboxie 5.22 question

  • Vivaldi runs fine in the Sandbox, but the automatic deletion of Vivaldi files from the 'Box when I close the browser does NOT work. I have to manually delete those files.

    Anybody use Sandboxie with this browser ??

  • Try to erase data every "x" time when V runs.
    Probably as sandbox is a restriced environment, it couldn't erase datas on exit (can't access to them when sandbox is shutting down).

  • Nope. Got it from the Sandboxie Forum exactly how to make it work properly. If anybody actually uses Sandboxie with Vivaldi I will happily share 'how'.....

  • @mister-bill Lol
    You need help, not we. So I suggest you share everything you know, so that someone who actually uses this setup, doesn't have to beg for your reply. On the other hand.... it might be a better idea to post this on the sandboxie forums, right where you found these instructions. If you can't find a solution, try to find out what's wrong exactly and then write a bugreport.

  • Whoa.... Didn't mean anything wrong, but I've found very few people who use Sandboxie, and they CERTAINLY need not 'beg'. I just didn't want to take up Forum space on something [perhaps] nobody else gives a darn about. I came to Vivaldi because after several happy years with OPERA, their company decided to sell to Chinese investors.

    Back to the problem, in the Sandboxie settings there is a provision for setting the stopping of a 'Leader Program'. [something I just learned] It seems Vivaldi 'triggers' a number of internal programs. One of them was hanging on, preventing the Automatic Delete Invocation from working. I never had the problem in OPERA, but here...yes. I was advised to put vivaldi.exe in the Program Stop > Leader Programs. Worked great. I'm very happy with Vivaldi now....

    Hope this takes care of your concerns....

  • Thanks mister-bill. This information was extremely useful, even it being 2 years old.

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