Feature requests for Vivaldi 1.14

  • Tab hiding feature for 'Window' sidebar

    Hi all

    I think it will be great if you can add tab hiding feature to 'Window' sidebar. It mean we could see something like a check box beside each tab shown in 'Window' sidebar which hides tab from tab bar when we remove check from checkbox.

    I think something like this can used for managing current working tabs better.

    Best Regards.

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    Easier access to saving sessions
    Currently I find the process of managing sessions to be a bit cumbersome. It would be nicer to have an implementation that works similar to Microsoft Edge's (yes, I know, I'm surprised too) great implementation of "setting tabs aside" as this seems like a much smoother experience to use. What with the Sidebar, not forcing you to think of a name, not forcing you to then remember said name.

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    Completely delete an empty item
    If a note (or a bookmark, or folder of some kind) has no content inside it and it is deleted, don't even put it in the trash. Simply remove it.

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    Option to detect mobile touch icons instead of thumbnails
    Many sites will offer touch icons for mobile devices. The largest, about 180px would fit in speed dials, and may look clearer than thumbnails. An option to auto detect the presence of these and use them in place of thumbnails would be nice.

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    Pick accent colour from page header
    As an alternative to generating an accent colour from the favicon, generate the accent colour to match a page header, if it has a specific colour. For example, github has a black header, facebook has a blue header, twitch has a purple header

  • add feature to expand/collapse tab stack like classic opera. Current stack only collapse them while classic opera allow to show all of tab in tab bar

    alt text

  • Zoom enhancements: please allow speed dial thumbs/webpanels scaling 😛

  • Show list of tab stacks in "Move Tab to" menu.

  • Scroll tab list at Window panel to keep active tab in the view.

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    Links Panel

  • Add renaming of tab stack folders in Window Panel

    The Window Panel is awesome and I now use it instead of tab bar.
    But I´m missing one feature in the Window Panel: renaming of folders (aka tab stack). They get an automatic generated title in Window Panel and this title has curious names sometimes (like overview) or just the name of one tab in the stack.

  • Bookmark bar enhancement: Middle mouse click on a bookmark subfolder should open all containing tabs.

  • Bookmark bar enhancement: When opening a bookmark in a bookmark folder, the bookmark folder is getting closed. Would be great if it would stay open, so it would be possible to open more bookmarks at once.

  • Bookmark bar enhancement: When opening a bookmark root folder, hovering the mouse cursor over another root folder should open it without the need of a second mouse click.

  • Multi-Account Containers
    Super feature from new Firefox.

  • SSL Certificate Details
    Please bring back the Dialog to view the SSL Certificate Details without using the Debugger.

  • Auto Stack Option
    With the new Windows Panel I would love to have an "Open Links in stacked Tabs" Option.

  • List all Windows in Window Panel
    Please list all open Windows within the Windows Panel. When I have a few dozen Tabs open, I begin to sort them in separate Windows. It would be really nice when we could access every Tab from each Window Panel.

  • New better scrollbar for Vivaldi
    Default scrollbar is very poor and there's no extension that have all of this functions.
    Customized functions that new scrollbar could have:

    1. auto-hide slider handle/background/both after certain no hover time
    2. showing search results indications on background (and on top of the slider handle - without obstruct)
    3. clicking on top/bottom area of background moves site to top/bottom - works like home/end
    4. clicking on area between slider handle and top/bottom scrolls the page - works like pageup/pagedown
    5. auto zooming scrollbar on hover with custom zoom level
    6. visual customization:
    • slider handle/background/top-bottom areas: size, color/gradient, transparency, rounded corners, hovering state, clicking state
    1. option to fully on/off scrollbar
    2. option to on/off scrollbar in full screen mode
    3. left/right/top/bottom position of the scrollbar in window
    4. blacklist

  • Private tabs

    (Another user already asked for this in a list of request but I'm only interested in this one)

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