How to SpeedDial load as home page

  • How may I make Speed Dial my home page? I would like SpeedDial to load as home page when I start Vivaldi..
    How may I do this?? I have tried to put link in home page but it does not work...

  • @kylermd Assuming you mean the actual Vivaldi Speeddial (and NOT some speeddial extension) then
    Tools/Settings/Startup - "Startup with" -> Start Page
    Also to use Home Shortcut, on same setting page - "Homepage" -> Start Page

  • Thanks for the reply...Actually I am talking about the extension SpeedDial..I have a large number of dials that were created in Firefox and Firefox allows the extension to be made as the start page, I am aware of the Vivaldi speed dial option but do not want to have to go to all the trouble of redefining the dials. The extension Speeddial is installed and is working but I have to manually select it each time to get access to the imported dials. I would be great if the extension was able to be
    defined as the start page.

  • You can set your startpage to be controlled by an extension in vivaldi://settings/tabs/. Just tick the option.

  • Vivaldi Translator


    1. Install your Speed Dial extension first. It's important.
    2. Go to Tools/Settings/Tabs
      In section "New tab Page" check "Controlled by exstension"



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